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BLACK LINE @ Helsinki, Gloria 14.12.2012

Yes, I know, this live report is very, very late, but I just haven’t had time to write this. So, I don’t remember all details, but some things I still remember (maybe even too well *laugh*)

Black line

When Dio ~ distraught overlord disbanded, I was very sad, because it was one of the best live bands I have ever seen. I have some friends, who don’t listen their music in their free time, but still they wanted to come to concerts. When Mikaru told his new band, BLACK LINE, I was happy and I wanted to know more - especially, when Mikaru told in twitter that he wants to come to Europe. Then came to quiet time and I didn’t hear almost anything about BLACK LINE, until their single and finally, waited European tour.


I bought the ticket as soon as I was sure, that I don’t have work on that day. Still, I have to admit that I was little bit worried about the concert. Even so I liked their songs FOXY and SHOW TIME (I’ll be honest, I liked more FOXY), I wasn’t sure, what to think about BLACK LINE, because it is different, when I compared it to/thought Dio ~ distraught overlord. Even Mikaru’s and Syu’s (ex-Denka) looks were so different than before (Yudai and Jun were unfamiliar to me, so their looks didn’t bother me). Of course I was looking for them and I tried to keep my mind open, even so I missed old times - and who wouldn’t, when they had seen Dio ~ distraught overlord’s concerts.

mikaru mikaru2
Really, I’m not only one, who like to ask “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED BETWEEN THIS TWO PHOTOS???”

The concert day came and I met my friends Ruder and Sairys and we went together to Gloria, when doors opened, because there were bad weather: it snowed - more like wet snow, something between water and snow, or as we Finnish say “sataa räntää”. We went to the queue, where we met my friend Avalyn. When we got inside, we of course left our coats and then we went to meet our friends, Destiny, indi] and Layemi, who were right next to the stage - and of course there were a couple of people I knew (for example, neo-giri). We chatted about different things, like: how are we, Black line and Dio ~ distraught overlord, some other bands, about this concert - and I found out that Layemi was my best friend, when it came about BLACK LINE’s (and Mikaru’s) look. I think I cried against her shoulder *laugh*
Sairys went to upstairs to take good places, when Ruder and I stayed and chatted short time with our friends. Then I went to check the sale table. I didn’t see any CD’s, so there were sold out or there weren’t CDs at all at the beginning. There were photo sets, bag, posters and if I remember right, wristband or something like that.

I bought this bag, because I like them and they are useful. Even so I’m not big fan of pink, I think this is good addition to my band-bag collection XD I also bough photo set, but I show it later.

I went to the loft with Ruder after I made my shopping. We searched Sairys, who was almost middle of the loft and kept places for us. We stayed there and talked about BLACK LINE. Of course we chatted about Dio ~ distraught overlord, because Ruder and I had seen them, but Sairys hadn‘t, even so he had heard some of their songs. We discussed also about BLACK LINE’s question in Facebook, where they asked, which cover of Dio - distraught overlord’s songs fans like to hear. I wanted hear God Forsaken and Carry dawn or one of them, even so God Forsaken is my favorite.
The stage was ready for the show. There were drums, a guitar and a bass, a couple water bottles and everything, which were needed. I also noticed that our friends, who were on the floor, had perfect place: when the guitarist would come to the edge of the stage, he would stand in front of my friends.

Minutes went by, and then two Jrocksuomi’s members came to the stage. They greeted us and asked us to remember concert rules, like no photos, no pushing and so on. The audience answered that we understood and Jrocksuomi’s members told that after the show, there will be autograph session and people will get autograph, after they buy some band products. After information in Finnish and in English, they left from to stage and let us wait. People started clap their hands together and yell for BLACK LINE. Then finally, the waited moment came: intro started.

Syu walked in middle of the stage and greeted us, before he went to his drum set. Before he sat down, the blond bassist, Jun, came to the stage. He greeted us as well as drummer and walked fast to his place - to the left side of the stage, as usually (in my and audience’s eyes, of course). A couple seconds later, BLACK LINE’s dark-haired guitarist Yudai walked in front of us. He greeted us with big, excited smile and jumped (really, he jumped) to his place. The audience clapped hands together and cheered - all cheers grew every time, when one of musicians came to the stage. Then we yelled and waited for BLACK LINE’s vocalist. Even I was excited and nerves to see him, because new look still worried me. Syu, Jun and Yudai wore jeans/that kind regular trousers, t-shirts (at least Jun and Syu had tour shirts) and jackets. I knew already that Mikaru would have more like normal clothes than before, but I was wondering, would he still be as hot as before or has his performing changed too much.

Finally Mikaru came to the stage and I was able to breath again. He looked good. Even so he looked boyish in his training trousers and tour T-shirt and with that big, slimmed hair, he didn’t look too boyish/sleek as in the picture. He still looked man. A good looking man. A very hot, good looking man. And now I will continue.
Mikaru walked in middle of the stage and opened his arms for greeting, when he looked the audience. He didn’t say anything, but let us to cheer sometime. When our voices went little bit down, even us Finnish have to sometimes catch the breath, Mikaru took his microphone close to his mouth.
“WE ARE BLACK LINE!” Mikaru yelled in his typical way and Syu, Jun and Yudai started their playing.

The first song was CALLING ME. I hadn’t heard it before, but it didn’t bother me, because it told pretty well, what kind music the band plays. CALLING ME was rock song, much lighter than Dio ~ distraught overlord music, but had strong sound and nice tempo (enough fast, but not too much). Mikaru’s voice was still same low, strong, little bit rough, even so his singing was lighter than before. Jun and Yudai sang in background and stood in their places, when they played. Syu, whose job kept him in one place, played drums with great energy, like old stager *laugh*
The second song was ALBA and when it started, Mikaru asked us clap our hands and he gave us right rhythm with Syu‘s drums. Very excited Yudai clapped his hands too and tried fire us, which wasn’t that hard, even so there weren’t that much people. The song was again rock song, little bit lighter than the first one and hadn’t as fast tempo, even so rhythm was nice. Mikaru moved much on the stage and it “infected” little bit Yudai and Jun, because they started move little bit more and performed more too. It was somehow funny to watch Mikaru’s boyish jumping (and later in the concert, when Jun and Yudai chased each other). Yes, men never grow up *laugh*

After ALBA, BLACK LINE played one song, before Mikaru talked to us.
“Hello, everyone. Are you having fun?” he asked with better English than I remembered - or that just was better, because he didn’t use too low and yelling voice.
“Good”, the vocalist said and continued.
“I’m happy to see you and do you know why? Because it‘s my birthday.”
I heard surprised voices and questions, because no one of us have knew about that. Normally someone tells that in some social networks pages, but this time no one had spoke. Quickly people start yell “happy birthday” in Japanese and Mikaru thanked. Later I checked and I noticed that Mikaru’s birthday was 8. December, couple days before, so no wonder that no one remembered it .

“This isn’t my first time in Finland. I and Syu were here, when we were still in our old band, Dio ~ distraught overlord”, Mikaru told and his voice went little bit down, when he mentioned his old band.
“Dio - distraught overlord was the great band. It was very important to me and I was sad, when we had to go to hiatus. But I still wanted to come back to Europe and see you all. We decided with Syu to create new band. So, we started to look for other members, which was pretty difficult task. We found some members, but then they left and kept on searching, until we final found this two. I wanted so much come here, and so did Syu, and Yudai and Jun wanted to come here too, so now we are here!”
I have to say that I was very impressed. First, Mikaru spoke English very, very well that I don’t even thought HITT’s English is something special. Second, even so Mikaru is in BLACK LINE, he spoke very nicely about his older band and made us, who were Dio - distraught overlord’s fans, to feel that he haven’t abandoned us or old memories. And, of course, it’s always warms mind to know, how much musician wants to come to Europe and Finland. I follow Mikaru in twitter, so I have seen some his tweets, where he has said that he wants to come to Europe.

After little speech the concert continued with songs BLACK RAINBOW, which has fast tempo and strong guitars and drums - especially drums^^ Then came EVA, which was smoother song than others, even so it was still rock song with good rhythm. EVA was followed by FOXY, which is my favorite song from BLACK LINE. FOXY starts little bit mysterious way, it made me at least wait to see, what’s going to happen. It’s tempo isn’t as fast as some other songs, but it still made at least me to move/do little dance and sing with Mikaru and other fans “don’t let me down!” I started like that song even more and it sounds very good in live *-*

Music quieted down and same did the audience, because we all understood that Mikaru was going to speak us again.
“As I said before, we, Syu and I, have been here before with our old band. Dio (he said only a couple times Dio - distraught overlord's a whole name and shorted it mostly as “Dio”) had been in Finland three times,” Mikaru told us and the audience cheered that he was right.
“How many have seen me and Syu before?” he asked suddenly and watched us with curious face.
Some, I guess pretty many, yelled “yes”, which made Mikaru and Syu smile and Yudai and Jun laughed little bit.
“Okay, how many of you see us first time right now?” the vocalist asked more and raised his hand as to sign us to make same thing, if our answer was yes.
Some hands raised, but it wasn’t the many.
“Second time? Third time? Fourth time?” he kept going and every time some hands raised up.
I raised my hand in that third time question.
“Fifth times?” Mikaru grinned and I knew, what he was looking for: to know, has some one seen them in Japan (or other European country).
I was surprised, when I saw a few hands, which raised from the audience, who were on the floor. That surprised the band too, because they laughed abashed and looked each other.

“Cool!” Mikaru said loudly and the audience burst into laugh.
“Minä rakastan teitä! (I love you in Finnish)” he yelled and we started to scream, cheer for him and the band and gave big applauses
“Well, do you know, what was my first though - one word - when we came in Finland?” the vocalist asked surprisingly and grinned craftily.
“Cold?” many of the audience answered and that was my taught exactly.
I still remember, how Mikaru “deplored” weather, when Dio - distraught overlord was second time in Finland (I saw them at the first time). When I think back, I guess he said: “There is so damn cold!”

“No,” Mikaru said nicely, little bit too nicely, as we noticed, when he continued.
“The one word, which I thought, was TISSITMULLE!”
I didn’t heard that well, even so I was sure it was Finnish, but almost everyone in the audience started laugh and giggle. Ruder helped me to hear it and second time, when Mikaru yelled in Finnish again, I understood, what he was saying.
“TISSIT MULLE! (means `boobs to me´ - no, you didn‘t read wrong)” Mikaru yelled many times and the audience just laughed and cheered - and dried the tears of joy.
I didn’t know, what to think, so I just laughed (and decided to shut up yelling “that’s two words!”). When everyone quieted down, some one in the audience asked Mikaru to show his own and take the shirt away.
“My shirt?” the vocalist checked that he understood right.
“Do you want me to take my shirt away?” Mikaru asked and our answer was of course very big “YES!” *laugh*
“Maybe later”, he smiled and that smile had very big promise, which made us go excited, when the band continued playing.

BLACK LINE played three songs, which all went the same rock theme as all songs before. They were nice songs, for example THIS IS THE LIFE and I was also happy to hear little bit heavier sound in middle of the songs. I think it was good, that their songs aren’t too light, even so their sound isn’t that dark and heavy rock as in the old band.

Then came third time, when Mikaru talked to the audience. That made me and many others very happy. I’m always glad, when musicians try to communicate with the audience and don’t just say next songs name. And I really have a feeling that Mikaru have studied more English - I think many other Japanese musicians should do the same thing. This time Mikaru interviewed the band - and with every member, he told little story, how he met/found those special friends. He started with samurai-Yudai and gave some complements, how cool he is. Then Mikaru pointed the bassist and told that he is very cute Choppo-Jun (Choppo is from One Piece anime). That made Jun to bring his hands close his face and made that famous cat-like cute face, which made the audience say “aws” and laugh nicely. Well, Syu was compared to hobbit and Mikaru mentioned, that the drummer is small but spunky.
“And do you know, who I am?” the vocalist asked last the most traditional question - and was answered the most traditional way: we yelled his name, as many times as he kept asking. When we satisfied Mikaru, Black line continued performing and played their song TWILIGHT, which were followed by GLAD EYE and SHOW TIME, which both were something I liked very much^^ They have that catchy sounds and at that moment Jun and Yudai had got more courage to come closer to the audience and enjoyed all attention they got.

Mikaru, Jun and Yudai left from the stage, but Syu came in the middle of the stage and waved his hand for goodbye, before he went to the backstage. The audience started clap hands and yelled for encore. Luckily we didn’t have to ask too many times them to come back. Syu came first and he played short, but nice drum solo, before Jun and Yudai, who started playing too and Yudai made us yell and tried to excite us even more, before Mikaru came. And I can say that the vocalist made all of us go wild. He walked to the stage without his shirt, so we all good see his amazing body *grin* Really, he is one of the hottest vocalist I ever seen and seeing his body makes every straight girl’s day *laugh*
But that wasn’t only thing, that made my day - or evening. Mikaru’s abs was great to see, but then he opened his mouth and said:
“God Forsaken.”

My heart skipped a couple beats and happiness hit straight throw me, before Yudai started to play his guitar. I wasn’t only one, because I heard screams of joy and I could almost touch that excitement, which were in the air. That was the most waited, wished song and it didn’t leave anyone cold. The whole audience started to sing and it sang a whole song - I sang it too, very loudly, and same time jumped/did little dance because one of my wishes came true. After God Forsaken, BLACK LINE performed their song DEEP INSIDE, which is one of their heaviest songs, which still have strong sound. It was good song to end, because it has similar vibes than God Forsaken and Dio - distraught overlord have. The band came to closer to greet and say goodbyes to the audience. They promised that they will come back again and asked us to wait for that moment. Then they went to the backstage, but then something happened. Jun and Syu came back to the stage and they both had big grins in their faces, when they walked together in front of us. Very soon we found out the reason their faces: they gave a big kiss to each other. There’s always time to little fan service *laugh*

We went to down stairs and saw, how people rushed to the sale table to buy something for autographs and some tried to make the queue to the stage, when Jrocksuomi’s members gave guidance, how to make a queue and how to act in signing session (no photos, no pushing, etc.). I went queue with Ruder and Avalyn, because Sairys left to the bus. We waited about ten minutes and that time Gloria’s staff and Jrocksuomi’s members put table and chairs for the band for the band. Then everything was ready and BLACK LINE came back. I think the queue went pretty quickly, because soon I walked to the stage and gave Syu’s photo to him. I thanked him for concert and I told it was nice and he just thanked, when he signed his photo and we shook hands. Jun sat next to the drummer and he smiled brightly, when I stepped in front of him.
“元気ですか(Genki desu ka/How are you)?” I asked and that just made the bassist smile more brightly.
“はい, 元気, 元気 (Hai, genki, genki/Yes fine)!” he answered, when he gave his signature and we thanked in Japanese at the same time, when we shook hands.

I took Yudai’s photo and I gave it to the guitarist, when was my turn. He took the photo and then looked me - and next things aren’t a lie at all. Yudai’s mouth just opened, when he looked my face and I first didn’t understood, what’s wrong. Then Yudai found his voice and started speak so fast that I didn’t understand at all, what he was talking - somehow I had feeling that there was some kind dialect too, because I just stood still and was like “what?”. Yudai started pointed his face, near his right eye in the picture and continued talking and then I realized that he was talking about my makeup: I had continued my right eye’s eyeliner little bit more, draw big pattern and used little bit eye shadow to give some color. I guess he thought it was cool/nice and he wondered, should he draw same thing to his face. I just gabbled something in English and I was sure that he understood me as much I understood him *laughs* Language barriers aren’t always the easiest problems. And last of the members was Mikaru, who was still shirtless. He was hot and I said it that to him. Mikaru thanked with grin on his face and signed his photo - he also draw wings to him, so I guess he hasn’t changed that much from days of Dio - distraught overlord.
I went to wait for my friends and then we left together.

Thanks to dark clothes, you probable can’t see the signatures that well. And it was hard to take pictures and avoid flash’s shines, because photos themselves had already shining.

I could say something about members, and start this time with the drummer.
It’s very hard to me to remember Syu’s name, because to me he is Denka. I try to learn to use his new name, but I know that I might say still Denka (so please, don’t shoot me for that). He is strong player and do his job well. I looked him, when he was playing and I noticed, how he watched and paid attention to his band mates. He was very calm and no wonder, this was his fourth time in Finland. He has also great sense of humor, because I laughed many times, when he was listening Mikaru’s speaking, and he also nodded a couple times, when agreed with the vocalist. Syu’s playing was nice to listen and that little drum solo made me wish that he would play a real drum solo, because I’m big fan of drum solos *-*

Jun was very cute and sweet. He looked so small. First he stayed back and looked so, so shy, but then he watched Mikaru’s doing and there went some time, he got more courage and finally he came even very close to the audience and touched them as well as let fans to touch his hands and legs. Then I could see, how excited he was being in Europe, because he did more than his best on the stage. He also went along with Mikaru’s speech, when the vocalist told, how cute their bassist is and laughed all jokes. His playing was nice, clear and I could hear voice of the bass, even so I had again my earplugs again. I think he had nice spirit, as I noticed, how excited he was in signature session.

There is something funny about Yudai. I still don’t know why, but when I looked him on the stage, he looked little bit like Steven Tyler in late 90’s - in the good way, of course. Maybe it was some faces he made or something else. He also stayed back at first, but then came closer to the audience. Actually, he sometimes stood edge of the stage that I was worried, would he fall. Luckily that didn’t happen. Yudai smiled a lot and let very good impression, because he gave everything he had for the show. He also paid much attention to the audience and also noticed his band mates. He moved the most on the stage, when we count those, who play some instruments.

Mikaru. I just don’t find right words. I’m so happy that he formed new band and continued in music scene, because his place is on the stage. He has courage to come close to fans, he pays attention to them - he noticed the loft the most. Mikaru just is real artist, who can charm anyone, who comes to see him and that’s real power. Mikaru’s voice is strong and he showed that he can sing very well and let his singing go with music’s theme. I just like his deep voice and how he can make everyone so excited. I have to give him even more credit for speaking that much English and communication, because he speak very much English and only couple thing came in Japanese and he didn’t just say next songs name. He made us laugh and entertained us.

How about the concert? I know I shouldn’t compare Black line to Dio - distraught overlord, because they are two different bands and it wouldn’t be fair to them. It’s still hard, because two members have been both of bands and I really loved Dio - distraught overlord. I still miss their heavy sound and their concerts. Some part of me wish to see they again - at least one last time, even so it’s not possible.
But let’s take Black line as Dio - distraught overlord’s little brother. I enjoyed my time in Black line’s concert. They have nice rock songs, they performed as well as they could and I had fun, when I watched them playing and listened, when Mikaru talked about them. Black line is band, which says “come to have fun with us” and I think people should listen that. I’m sure that many will find this band as one of the best live bands, if they just come to see them. I guess that even open minded Dio - distraught overlord’s fans can will find joy and fun about them, even so they (me including) miss the old band. I really recommend people to go their concerts and give them chance.

Set list:

5. EVA
9. 振り向けばいつも (FURI MUKE BAITSUKE)

(short drum solo)
1. GOD FORSAKE (originally by Dio - distraught overlord)

BLACK LINE’s official site -> http://blackline-official.com/pc/index.html
BLACK LINE’s official blog by Ameba -> http://ameblo.jp/blackline-official

It’s now the end of this entry. I like to thank Black line - please come to Finland again! I also like to thank Jrocksuomi, who organized the concert, Gloria and Gloria’s staff and, of course, people in the audience! You acted so well and I’m sure the band was happy to see you all. And I like to thank my friends too^^

Thank you!

My next live report will be from THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S’ concert, HelLO convention (Helsinki’s Lolita convention) and LolitaComplex’s concert.

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


HITT @ Helsinki, Gloria 25.11.2012


I heard HITT’s Love x Hate European tour and Finnish concert in September and my thought was “it would be nice to see him again”. I saw him in Tsukicon 2010 and he was very good artists (you can read the live report of Tsukicon‘s gig from here: http://aysha666.livejournal.com/3718.html). Even so HITT was all alone on the stage back then and there were only a couple instruments, but still he was very energetic, attractive and he knew, how to make a good show. Of course I was little bit surprised, when I found out that organizer wasn’t Jrocksuomi but Swedish Nyanko Scandal Factory. I hadn’t ever heard of them, but I didn’t mind that they decided to organizer j-rock concert in Finland. I saw that as interesting opportunity.

I bought ticket about a week before the concert. Normally I bought it as soon as possible (mostly when they start to sale them), but thanks to work, it’s not that possible anymore.

I was lucky and I didn’t have to go to work on the concert day. Some of my friends were coming too (Sairys, Ruder, Destiny and indi]), so we met in the queue in time, when Gloria’s doors should have opened. The doors didn’t open yet (and I think that only a couple times doors have opened exactly the right time, so I didn‘t mind - I could hold one of my friend‘s food XD). Still, we didn’t have to wait long in cold, before we got inside and we could left our coats to cloakroom. The most of my friends went to the floor, right next to the stage, but me and my friend Sairys went to the loft, where we met a couple persons we know (he know them better than I) and we changed couple words with them, before we started to waiting the beginning of the show. I told little bit about HITT’s concert in Tsukicon and I wondered, would HITT give signatures this time too, because in Tsukicon, he gave autographs after his show and later after his Q&A panel.

I noticed that there weren’t at all security-fence. First, I was worried, but then I saw that there weren’t that much audience and people took space between them and atmosphere was nice and relaxed, so I figured out that there weren’t many hard core fans or people. I guess there were about 100-150 persons. I relaxed and I was happy that there weren’t that security-fence. But instead there were stage extension that the artist could come closer to his fans. On the stage, there were only a synthesizer with two chairs (one had some machine on it) and there were also two microphones: one in front of stage and one was right next to the synthesizer and it was put that it was easy to sit, play the instrument and sing same time.

When the show time came, one girl from Nyanko Scandal Factory went to the stage and walked to the microphone.
“Hello, everyone”, she said and smiled us, when we answered to her.
“I’m happy to see you all here. As you know, today HITT’s going to perform here. You can take pictures, but don’t use flash,” she continued and I wanted to hit my head to the wall or loft’s handrail, because I didn’t have camera or my mobile with me.
It’s more than nice, great opportunity, when the artist gives permission for photos and when I was ready to kill some one, the audience cheered and gave applauses for information. Luckily, I got permission to use Nyanko Scandal Factory‘s photos from their Facebook page (photos were taken by the lulu communication - I only put them smaller for my blog).
“After the show”, member of Nyanko Scandal Factory started and all of us just quiet down.
“After the show, HITT’s going to give signs to his stuff. We sell his products on the table over there”, she pointed across the hall, so I guessed that the sale table was in the hall (because I didn’t see it in the lounge, near the cloak room).
“So don’t run away after the show”, she laughed little bit.
“Please, enjoy! This is HITT!”
The member of Nyanko Scandal Factory left from the stage and the audience started to clap hands together.

We didn’t had to clap hands long time and truly, we didn’t reached the loud shouts for HITT, when intro started and HITT walked to the stage. My eyebrows went up, because I noticed immediately that he had bleached his hair. That surprised me little bit. I waited to see black or at least dark brown hair, because I have only seen pictures, where he has dark hair. Still, he looked good with blond hair too - and I started wonder, again, what hair products Japanese musicians use to make their hair so big *laugh* Okay, I continue…
HITT wore tank top, black, loose, sleeveless jacket, which was of course open, dark trousers, which have big pockets, and pilot sunglasses. He also had a big mirror in his hand. Very soon the first song started to play in background. I also heard that singing came from background too, but HITT started singing and I heard his voice clearly. He singed little while and then he took his sunglasses and throw them over his shoulder. The sunglasses broke down (one of lenses came away), but he didn’t notice it or didn’t care, because he started immediately performing. First song was energetic, but not very fast and we didn’t see HITT’s amazingly hip rocking like last time, but he really gave everything he got by his performing. Let’s just say, that he made that cool act *laugh*



HITT sang three songs, before he talked to the audience. He greeted us and told that he is happy to see us there. Soon he continued his show - after he checked his hair in his mirror. HITT played sometimes synthesizer and sometimes came back in the middle of the stage and he also walked to the stage extension. His rocked his hips pretty much, but songs haven’t as much fast tempo as in Tsukicon’s concert. Even so he didn’t dance as much as years ago, HITT didn’t let people cold. He touched his fan’s hand, watched them (unfortunately, mostly those, who were right next to the stage and he didn’t paid much attention for those, who were on the loft) and took contact to them. He also checked and fixed his hair many times. I noticed too HITT’s greatest fan in Finland, because she was as happy and excited as me and my friends are, when we are in your favorite bands concerts.


Unlike many others Japanese musicians, HITT can speak pretty well English or then he isn’t afraid of it, ‘cause I noticed that he talked more than the most of Japanese musicians, who have had concert in Finland. Even so he didn’t speak anything too special like next songs name etc., but sometimes there were some pearls. For example, when he checked and touched his hair again, when he sat at his synthesizer, some of us laughed little bit, because it was little bit funny, he watched us meaningfully and said:
“Yes, it’s very important.”
HITT also asked, when he sat at the synthesizer, sound man to put more volume to his microphone and said “more, more”, before he was satisfied and thanked the Gloria’s staff man.

Most of songs were pretty slow, almost ballads or ballads, even so there were some little bit fasters one too. Believe it or not, Sakura Romance was one of the songs, which have faster tempo. And I have to say that it is one of my favorite songs from him, as Face is too. And when the song was faster, he moved on the stage and made sure that everyone enjoyed the show. In one song, Lailalulalola, he even took 3-4 persons (sorry, I can’t remember exactly, how many) from the audience (not the same time, of course) and moved their hands for dancing moves. Luckily that fan girl also got in the stage and to me it looked like she was only one, who have good clue, what to do.

Before the song (I love) Hitters, HITT spoke the longest time. He asked, have we enjoyed and told us that he is happy to be back in Europe and back in Finland.
“Are you my Hitters?” HITT suddenly asked, when he was sitting at the synthesizer.
I was little bit surprised, and probably tired, and it took me a couple of seconds to realize, what he meant. Luckily the most of audience understood it quickly and answered “yes”.
“That’s good. Because all Hitters are my friends”, HITT told and played a couple notes.
“And they are my lovers”, he continued with relevant smile, people cheered and I laughed little bit.
Even so I waited that to come, it was nice to hear and helped the audience to get even more right mood, when to song started and they sang there, were the audience should sing.



As I now think about the concert’s main part, I could say that there were two sections. First section had more faster songs than other section had. At in the last part, he mostly sat at his synthesizer and played it, while he was singing. I like, how his voice is clearer, when he sang tender songs, but this time it didn’t work on me. I think there were too many slower songs and near to the end that it made me tired, because I had had long day.

When the main part was over, HITT left from the stage and, as was expected, the audience started to clap hands together and yell for encore. HITT came back faster than I was prepared and he played a couple faster songs. In meantime, I decided to go down stairs to see my friends and to check, what it’s like to be next to the stage. Soon I noted to myself that it isn’t wise to go to the floor, when you are under 160 cm (under 5 ft and 3 inch) and there are lot of people in front of you.


After the show, I went to the sale table. There were photo sets, CDs and other stuff. For autographs, there were also possibility to buy Polaroid photo with HITT. I decided to buy photo set, because I already have one HITT’s album and I haven’t listen it that much. Then I went the queue with my friend Ruder. It took some time, before HITT sat down at the sale table and started to sign his stuff for fans. When there were only a few persons ahead of me, I noticed that he signed all items, which people have bought. Then came my turn. I gave him my three photos and he signed all of them. I thanked him and gave a little compliment in Japanese, when we shook hands, and he thanked and smiled to me. I left with Ruder to take our cloaks and we stayed in the lounge, because we had to wait our friends. When we all were together, we left from Gloria.

First I thought that he will sign only one item and I wanted it to that white/light grey jacket photo (upper right photo), but I was wrong - luckily^^

HITT thinks very much his fans and how he can entertain the audience. In my eyes, he haven’t changed in two years, even so he speaks now more English than before. HITT He is artist, who can’t stand in one place, so he have to move many times. It’s good thing about him. Especially, because HITT do many things on the stage: he sings (even so music and singing comes from back), dances, plays instruments, takes contact to the people, talk with the audience and take different items and use them for his show - like the hand mirror and sunglasses. The most important thing is that HITT is very charming and it shows in his concerts, so people should go to see him, even so his charisma don’t come that strongly with some of his songs, when you only hear them, but can’t see him. I really recommend people to go to see him, if they get the chance.

And what do I think about the concert? It was nice and I liked it, but then I started to get tired. And because the main part’s ending was mostly slow songs and ballads, it didn’t help me to get more energetic. There were little bit too much slower songs and synthesizers playing in the end and I wasn’t the only one, who taught like that. Even so, HITT was nice musician and made good show. He has that charm, which easily fires up and catch into it. If he comes back to Finland, I’m gladly go there again^^

And about Nyanko Scandal Factory, I still think, it’s good to get more organizers to do j-rock shows and I’m looking forward to see, who will be next^^ I only hope that next time there will be more information and sooner, because some news (like that autograph session and when it’s okay to go the queue) came a couple days before the concert. But as the first concert in Finland organized by them, I think this went pretty well^^
And I really like to thank them and Jessica for all help I got for this entry. Thank you for photos and all information, even so I probably was pain in ass *laugh*

Unfortunately, I don’t have set list. I asked for with Nyanko Scandal Factory, but they didn’t get it. One reason for that is that HITT didn’t have it in paper, so his staff couldn’t remember it, when they asked it a couple days later. And because I was busy, I asked the songs little bit too late in one Finnish forum and got only some songs, because people didn‘t remember them. I hope it’s better than nothing.

Songs (not in order):

Sakura romance
With you
カッコつけマン (Kakkotsuke man)
Sexy galaxy
(I love) Hitters

I’ll may fix this list, if I see the video they taped in there.

HITT’s official site -> http://www.megahitt.com/
HITT’s Facebook site -> http://www.facebook.com/megahitt
HITT’s official MySpace -> http://www.myspace.com/megahittofficial
HITT’s official You tube -> http://www.youtube.com/megahittofficial
Nyanko Scandal Factory’s official site -> http://nyankoscandal.wordpress.com/
Nyanko Scandal Factory's Facebook site -> https://www.facebook.com/NyanKun.Scandalous?ref=ts&fref=ts
The lulu communication site -> http://lulu-communication.com/

As you see, this entry is shorter than many others live reports, which I have made. I think biggest reason is that I didn’t get the set list, so it was little bit hard to think, what to write and what happened when and in what order. Of course, someone could ask, why I don’t write notes, but I don’t think I could have gotten all songs in that way either. Besides, I still want to enjoy the show and not only write down things I see.
I’m happy that Nyanko Scandal Factory have decided to bring Japanese musicians to Finland, and I like to see, who will be next to come here^^ Thank you~

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^

When my friend, who likes Jenlayn’s music very much, heard that the band will play in Tracon’s evening party (Tracon is Finland’s the second largest role games event, where are “shows”/scheme about live role playing, role games and anime), she started to tell everyone to come there. And yes, I was one of her “victims” as well *laugh*
I don’t see that as a bad thing, I just wasn’t sure, did she want to me come because she wanted my company, more audience or me to do live report for Jenlayn *laugh*

I have to be honest with this, I had some doubts about going to Jenlayn concert and doing entry about them. I had heard one song from them: Alice, and even so my friend loves it and cry up for that song, but it didn’t impress me that much. It was okay, but nothing that special, so I was suspicious. I could say it like this: more people praise something, more critical I become. It’s also like I wait the bands/musician to prove their fans’ words. So, you might understand, why I hesitated. Unfortunately, or maybe even luckily, I like to challenge myself and I told myself to be open minded and never mind others thought.
I decided that, I wasn’t sure, could I go to Tracon, because of my family reasons. I wanted to go (there were our Finnish fan fiction forum’s gala). About a couple days before Tracon, my family thing was canceled and I could go. I’m not going to talk more about Tracon or my day, because I don’t find it interesting at all. I didn’t go any interesting panels or buy anything (expect Karmia’s CDs), so I just start to talk about Tracon’s evening party and Jenlayn.

The evening party was in one of Tampere talo’s big rooms, which were called “Rondo” and doors opened about half hour later than they should, but I guess there were little problems. I have to be honest that it didn’t made my mood go better, because I was tired for day (I woke up very early, haven’t eaten well and I had headache). Immediately, when I walked to Rondo, there were music playing. The party started with DJ lx (or I think that was his name). I watched him closer about a couple minutes, but then I went aside. I wasn’t on the right mood and I had wrong clothes (for example, long army styled gothic coat), so I couldn’t enjoy or dance like many others. Besides, all that smoke, lights and very typical DJ music reminded me of primary school’s discos and I wasn‘t the only one, who thought so.
No, I didn’t hate it and I don’t have anything against DJ lx or DJ music, I just find it little bit boring and as I said before, I was very, very tired and I was waiting for Jenlayn.


My not that old camera and I hate those lights and that stupid smoke -.- I tried everything almost a whole evening: change options, colors, with and without flash, etc, but it just keep on that way. I just choose the best ones photos (and same time wanted to shoot myself) and edit them with my horrible skills.


So, let’s continue to Jenlayn, who was next, after DJ lx. First, I tell some details about the band and then go to that live report part.

Jenlayn is Finnish Visual rock band, which was formed in spring 2011 and members where from X Replica (X Replica was the band, which played X Japan’s covers). Their first demo Lonely Fall was released in fall 2011. In the beginning of 2012, Jenlayn had to change: their guitarist left and the vocalist took his place. Luckily they got a new vocalist and they could release their second demo Alice in spring.


Jenlayn’s members (from left to the right) are the solo guitarist Яed, the bassist Obi (he plays also kantele), the vocalist Yura, the drummer Jere and rhythm guitarist Jae.

I put ear plugs to my ears - I always use those in concerts, because in my family, there are already three persons, who are almost deaf (my grandmother, mother and my dog), and even Jenlayn recommended (in Facebook) people to take ear plugs. That made me to see they even more positive way, even so I haven’t see them as negative way either. When people moved, I went right next to stage and I notice that the ear plugs came in handy: I stood next to the speaker.

Intro started pretty quickly after DJ lx (when his DJ table were carried away) and Jenlayn’s members came to the stage without clear order. They took their places: Jere went behind his drums, Jae went to right side on the stage (in my and audience’s eyes, again), Yura stayed in the middle, Яed took his place on the left side and Obi went between Яed and Yura, close to one of the three microphones (Yura had one, of course, and one was in front of Jae).



When intro ended and Jenlayn’s members stood in their places, Yura greeted the audience and told, who they are and that they’re going to make great show for us. He also told that the first song was Lonely Fall. The song had a nice tempo - it wasn’t too fast, but it wasn’t ballad either. It reminded me of old GazettE, even so that band isn’t best to describe Jenlayn or their music. It’s hard to explain, but the song had different “parts” that it didn’t repeat itself too much and somehow I liked it, even so I was little bit suspicious about Jenlayn (sorry guys, I have to be honest that I was like that, even so I tried to be neutral - too many persons cried up for you just before the concert!). More near to end the song, the music became slower and sounded like it almost stopped, which made the audience applause and cheer.
“Not yet!” Yura said and rolled his eyes, when he watched his band mates.
“Every time same thing”, he sighed and I couldn’t help but grin little bit - maybe I even laughed shortly, but it was little bit funny.
And somehow I believe that Jenlayn’s members saw it the same way than I did, but I understand, if it’s little bit annoying them too. The audience laughed and stopped applauses that Jenlayn could finish the song.


“It’s nice to see so many of you here”, Yura looked the audience and smiled little bit.
Same time I watched the audience too and I was glad for the band that there were more people than I expected (I guess about more than 60-70 persons, I didn‘t count).
“Do you have fun?” the vocalist continued and watched the audience near the stage, and people cheered for the answer.
“And how about you guys back there?” he asked and watched much behind us and there came answer “yes”.
“Okay, and our next song is Bliss”, Yura said, but other members looked little bit confused and Obi checked closely their set list and asked “what?”
“Oops, it isn’t yet - our next song is The 13th”, Yura corrected and then they started to play.

Bliss came right after The 13th and it was smooth song without big high points and it went the same line as other songs before: rocky sound with nice, not too fast tempo. I can say that their sound isn’t heavy - even so I’m not expert/professional, I would call their sound as light rock with great themes/points and awesome guitar solos. I can easily say that they have skills, but I’ll tell more later.



After Bliss, Jenlayn played Suicide Children and before that Yura told us that it’s little bit sadder than their other songs. Suicide Children was more close to ballad than others, but in my ears it wasn’t clearly ballad song either, even so it started like ballads, but tempo changed little bit. Maybe it was a half-ballad? Well, one way or the other, I somehow liked it too, but Lonely Fall was still my favorite one.
“Next we’re going to play one cover,” Yura told us (and yes, he always told next songs name before they started to play it) and I noticed, how people around me became more excited.
I guess Jenlayn is pretty famous for their j-rock covers.
“Have you ever heard about D’espairsRay?” the vocalist asked and I heard some kind of “yes” answers, but nothing very loud.
“Oh you haven’t? Now we have to change it, because our next song is cover from D’espairsRay’s Trickster!” Yura laughed after little joke (because D’espairsRay is one of the famous j-rock bands in Finland).

The cover was nice and I think Yura sang Japanese pretty well. I was more glad that he really sang the real lyrics and they haven’t put them in English (I have heard that some bands are doing like that) or just play the song as an instrumental one. They played it so well I thought that they could do covers from, for example, The GazettE and Screw. I wouldn’t mind it that all - but if Jenlayn made cover from D, then I would be very, very strict, maybe even bitchy *laugh*

Then Jenlayn performed two other songs - one of them, Unspoken, was acoustic song. In my opinion, it’s always a nice change, when the band do something different and not only same thing and same tempo. Jenlayn even surprised me, when almost everyone of them left from the stage and Obi stayed there. They brought him his kantele (which was, by the way, very beautiful) and Obi played song Ave Maria, and second song was acoustic too (Яed on guitar and Obi on kantele).
Unfortunately, this “slower” times just don’t always hold the audience and I noticed that some people left. Even so I see those moments as the band’s chance to prove, how talented they are and how diverse they can be, but I think it doesn’t work on that way in this kind of situation. If the concert had been their own with their fans and without other musicians, then those acoustic/ballads/slower times would have been great moments and worked well. Still, this was evening party in (role game + anime) convention and there were different DJs and all people of the audience didn’t know about Jenlayn and weren’t their fans. I think it would have been better, if Jenlayn had played fast tempo-rock songs all their time on the stage - and if they hadn’t had enough own songs, then some covers (even so I like more the bands’ own songs than cover playing). So, my recommendation to the band (And Jenley, please, if you read this, don‘t take it in bad way) is that they should think more the moment and place (where they’ll perform), when they do their set list - and this recommendation isn’t my favorite, because I liked those acoustic/slower times and I would liked more, if I hadn’t been so tired at that moment, but sometimes I have to think more widely or more like “business woman“.



Then came the moment, which excited almost every fan and a whole audience, who have listened even some Jenlayn’s songs: Alice. The roadie, who name was Jere and he took photos/video taping (and we had chatted little bit too), told me that the song was Jenlayn’s best song and went closer to tape it. His and Jenlayn’s fans’ reactions made me happy. Alice didn’t impress me that much, when I heard it the first time, but I was glad to see, how many people liked it and were excited for it. The atmosphere rose up and that was very good thing after acoustic songs, so Alice was great choice for this moment, because it had power. I saw, how liked, maybe even loved Alice is and I think I liked it more than before - I guess it worked better to me in live.

After couple other songs, Jenlayn played another cover: The GazettE - Remember the Urge. And I just thought that they could do covers from The GazettE XD Well, I have to think some other bands then (expect I still favorite own songs more than any covers) X) It sounded nice, but because I haven’t listened The GazettE’s songs after album DIM, I can’t compare cover to original.

“Okay, now it’s time to our last song”, Yura told after Remember the Urge cover.
“This song is new and it’s called Seven Steps. We haven’t recorded it yet, but we will do that…” the vocalist looked his band mates questioningly, which was funny in the audiences mind, because I heard giggle.
“Soon,” Yura said with smile and other members and the audience laughed little bit.
Seven Steps was interesting song and when it ended, I was like “where is the repeat-button?” *laugh* Yes, I liked it in live and that’s something I wait to hear later clearly (without background noises). There was something in music and singing and it made me go little bit excited.


After Finale/ending intro and band members‘ bows, the roadie Jere took me to the stage and asked with me, could I get one of Jenlayn’s set lists, which they gladly gave me. After that, we met with my friends and left quickly - our homes were waiting for us (and my eyes screamed Hallelujah, when I took my contact lenses away after over 20 hours - don‘t do this at home!).

I could say something about members, as usual, and this time I start with the vocalist, Yura.

I liked that Yura really sang. He didn’t yell/scream/do death vocals (or as I say in Finnish, öristä). I don’t hate those bands, who do that much, but I don’t like them as much either. I think, if vocalist screams, he/she has to sing too for good balance. I think Yura has nice voice, which have enough power that instruments didn’t beat it and I could hear lyrics (sometimes that doesn’t happen in concerts). He sang well English and Japanese, so I can’t complain about them^^ Yura paid attention to the audience by watching and talking to us and also to his band mates. In those moments, it was easy to see that he has twinkle in his eyes and he has humoristic side.

Яed had very serious face, when he played his guitar and his expression relaxed little bit, only then when he didn’t play any instruments. I guess that he focused so much his playing, because his solos weren’t easy at all (in my eyes). I think Яed’s playing was very skillful and impressive - his fingers moved so fast and powerfully that I could ”forgive” that he focused so much to his guitar and playing X) I could say that he was pretty cool on the stage, when he looked serious, it reminded me of Hide-zou from D, but very distantly that maybe I shouldn’t compare them. Maybe Яed was more similar to Karmia’s Ana and I don’t mean look, I mean performing attitude and face expressions, when they both play guitars.

Jae was the one, who performed the most, if we’re talking the members, who played some instruments. Sometimes his moving and playing reminded me of some j-rock artists (mostly guitarists, for example Uruha, Aoi, Ruiza and Kazuki), it was quite impressive and nice, if you like those kind of acts and I like them, of course^^ He played well and never forgot his band mates or the audience and he smiled a lot, which made me glad. Jae have good voice too as I noticed, when he sang background vocals and I could hear it well in Seven Steps - so, I understand, why he was Jenlayn’s vocalist first. I’m happy that we can still hear his singing, even in background^^

I think Obi is one of the most musical skilled persons I have ever seen. Lets think about it: he played bass, sang (and did those two at the same time, which isn’t always the easiest task) with nice voice and played kantele. Really, I have to give him some respect, because kantele isn’t the easiest instruments (even I have played it little bit, when I was a kid, thanks my school and class, which was specialized to music). He stood out very well and was the one, who paid the most attention to other members. Obi was that one, who answered the quickest to Yura or corrected, for example that time, when Yura said wrong song’s name.

The drummer… Why they always have to be that difficult to me? Well, I try my best, as always, because I tried to keep my eyes on Jere too. Jere played well and strongly, but he could “softer” his playing pretty good, when Jenlayn took acoustic instruments that drums didn‘t over take everything. Jere focused pretty much to his playing, but I saw that sometimes, especially between the songs, he tried to watch/keep contact with other members. I think it would be better to him, if his drum set had been upper on the stand, but I know too that it isn’t always possible - unfortunately.

Now, before end of this entry, I have to say something, which is very important to me as Visual kei/visual style/visual rock fan: their look/outfits. Even so their clothes weren’t anything close to Versailles or D’s not-suit outfits, I was satisfied. Let’s be honest, I would have been horrified, if the whole band would have use some historical clothes. They’re look was simply and dark - their clothes matched to each other that it was easy to see that they are in the same band and that’s something I like. It would be interesting to see them some… Hmm… “showy” clothes, but with good taste, but I don’t demand that. I just hope that they will keep their look in that way.

Well, what did I think the concert in the end? I think I should go to see them again or at least keep my eyes on them (and not only because I want to hear clearly Seven Steps and see their coming music video!). I think they are talented and I liked their own songs, even so they might be more famous about covers (which is pity). I guess my friend Serina will kidnap me to see them again and when that happens, I’m going to be sure that I will be more than sharp, because I think that Jenlayn deserve it^^
Okay, to those, who haven’t listen Jenlayn’s music, give them chance and to those, who likes their music, keep supporting them and try to come their concerts.

Set list:

1. Intro
2. Lonely Fall
3. The 13th
4. Bliss
5. Suicide Children
6. Trickster (D’espairsRay cover)
7. Chaos Theatre
8. Unspoken (acoustic)
9. Ave Maria (instrumental)
10. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (instrumental/acoustic)
11. Alice

12. Revival
13. Dirge ~ the lost lacrimosa ~
14. Remember the Urge (The GazettE cover)
15. Seven Steps
16. Finale

Jenlayn’s official site -> http://www.jenlayn.com/
Jenlayn’s official Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/Jenlayn
Jenlayns’s official Youtube page -> http://www.youtube.com/user/Jenlayn?feature=CAQQwRs%3D (There are two videos, which were taped in Tracon and I have to say that Old man Noah singing was hilarious! XD)
Jenlayn’s official soundcloud page -> http://soundcloud.com/jenlayn (in my opinion, Jenlayn should focus/update more their youtube account than this page, because not all of people use this place and I guess people use more youtube - I made huge anomaly and visited here, when I listened some their songs again for this entry)

And in the end, I like to thank Jenlayn for of their concert and that they gave their permission to use their photos and they answered some questions, which I had to ask for details (and they were very nice too). Thank you, I was very happy for your help^^
And I really have to thank your roadie, Jere^^ He was nice and helpful - it was very nice to talk with him! Thank you!

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


Less than month ago my friend Serina send me text message: Kaya is coming to Finland! Kaya told in his twitter that he will come to Finland and organize fan meeting session, where is Q&A and after that he will sign autographs. There wouldn’t be the concert at all.
My friend was excited, but I was skeptic and surprised. I was skeptic, because I had turn in my work on that day, so I wasn’t sure, could I get there (and somewhere else). Luckily, my workmate, who I have helped a couple times, could change our turns.

I have to be honest, I’m not Kaya’s fan or I don’t see myself like that. I like some of his songs and I see him as interesting artist, but he isn’t that close to my heart as some other musicians. Still, this news made me look Kaya more positive way. No, I never have hated him or disliked or seen him very negative way, even so I have sometimes looked his look and doings like “what the hell…”. So lets say that I wasn’t so sure, what I should think about him, but I still respected him. I guess that I respect him now even more, but it’s great that he wanted to come to Finland and meet his fans, even so there weren’t concert. This session just told me that he really cares his fans and wants to come Finland (he has said before that he really wants to come Finland for the concert, but there haven’t been promoter).

So, when Kaya fan meeting session’s day came, I went to the Gloria. There I met my friends and I talked with them, before I went to queue. The doors opened little bit late, but because the session was free, everyone got quickly to inside. We walked the hall, where was chairs and on the stage couch and chair right next to it. There were also sale table and, of course, you had to bought something to get autograph.

I bought Kaya’s album Queen’s B version, because I hadn’t his CDs before and I like more albums than singles. And I have to say that Queen was better CD that I expected - good music to workout XD

After shopping I went to sit. I was pretty much in the middle and there were some of my friends near to me, which were good thing, as I tell you little bit later. We sat there and talked - some Gloria’s staff/Jrocksuomi’s members came to bring more chairs and I guess there were about 80-120 person (150 persons would be maximum), but I didn’t count, only looked. On the stage, there were gray coach and right next that one chair.

Finally one man, translator, and Jrocksuomi’s member (that familiar blond one) walked to the stage. The translator sat down and took microphone, but didn’t say anything. Jrocksuomi’s member took microphone and talked to us.
“Hi”, she said and we answered the same way.
“As you know, we have today Kaya’s fan meeting session. Before we can ask the artist to come to the stage, I have to say little bit about rules. No photographs or videotaping, do you understand?”
When we said “yes”, the member continued.
“First we have this Q&A and after that Kaya will sign autographs. You can get autograph, if you buy something Kaya’s goods. In this Q&A, you raise your hand and I choose, who can ask.”
When we told that we understood, she asked us to applause Kaya to the stage, so we did and Kaya walked in front of us and smiled brightly. He wore lolita-dress and looked very cute on that, when his hair and makeup fit to the dress and look (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's dress, if my friend saw right). Jrocksuomi’s member gave him the microphone and we were ready to start.

And before I go to questions, I have to mention that I need to tell this points:

- I wrote down questions and answer as well as I could, even so there were 40 questions and much to write (in Finnish, I needed to translate it there). There were some hard points, like some names (songs and people’s names or brands’ names) that I didn’t hear clearly/wasn’t sure or couldn’t write down, because our speed was very, very fast and I ended up to write key words.
- Jrocksuomi’s member repeated or asked us to repeat, if the translator didn’t hear clearly the questions.
- As I noticed, the translator didn’t translate all questions correctly (for example, some times the question “why” wasn’t there) and Kaya didn‘t always ask to real question, but I focused more write questions and answers. Later I asked about that all my friends said that the translator wasn’t that good - he didn’t always know how to translate the question and he didn’t know anything about Kaya and his work
- First question was made by one of my friends Serina and I asked the second one. Still, my other friends asked some questions too.

Okay, here are the questions and answers:

1. Kaya-san Finrando ni kite kurete domo arigatou gozaimasu! (Kaya-san, thank you for coming to Finland) I would like to know about the progress of how your dresses are made? Could you tell a little how they are designed and how much you yourself involve to the designing progress?

“Kiitos,” Kaya thanked and smiled after that Japanese part, but then listened the whole question.
“Well, I design all my clothes by myself, but I also ask advise for professionals. When I design my outfits, I always think, what is the idea, story or theme, which I want to tell people with my clothes and music.”

2. Kaya-san, you have worked with many artist for your music, like for example Kamijo, Hizaki and Selia. Is there any artist or band, which you like to work with, but you haven’t yet and why this artist or band?

“Eeh!” Kaya surprised and started laughing.
“Well, Lady Gaga and Madonna would be interesting, but I guess it’s only dream. I have worked with Kamijo, Hizaki, Selia and DJ Sisen, and I’m going to work them again near in the future.”

Then Kaya watched the audience and continued.
“Is there some artist you have in your minds?”

I screamed (too) quickly “D”, which made some persons laugh little bit and my friend yelled “Asagi”, which made me continue “DのAsagi“ (D‘s Asagi).

“Aa, Asagi-san!” Kaya said and smiled.
“Well, I haven’t work with Asagi-san, but I really like to do that. It would be interesting. Is there some other artists in your mind?”

Someone screamed “Mana”.

“Mana-sama!” Kaya cheered with big smile on his face and did with his hand that devil‘s horn heavy mark.

3. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

“I have visited a numbers of countries and I have to say that it’s my fans’ faces, when I see them from the stage. I also have been here in Finland 3-4 days and I went yesterday to Tallinn and saw the old city, which was very beautiful.”

4. I have heard that you like Finland because of moomins. Is there any other reasons, why do you like Finland?

“I saw the movie `Ruokala Lokki´ (Kamome Shokudô) and after that I wanted to come here. And when I still was in my old band Schwarz stein, we got many letters from Finland, which was wonderful.”

5. What is your favorite song from your own music?

“Eeh, I like all of them,” Kaya told, but started thinking.
“Hmm… Hmm… I like very much dark ones, so I have to say Arachne and Hannya, but also Chocolate and (that I missed - and it can be that this last one was Hannya and that one before was something I didn‘t catch).”

6. Do you read much and what is your favorite book?

“I read much, but I like more mangas than books. I like very much (someone, I missed that - I‘m sorry) mangas, which are made in the 70’s. I also went here the one shop, which sold mangas and I bought Naruto.”

7. You went to Tallinn, but what else you have done, when you have been here in Finland?

“This has been my personal trip, because I wanted to come here and I don’t have concert here. Still, I really like to have one concert here.”

8. Have you though to do European tour with your old band (Schwarz stein)?

“Well, it depends on Hora. We have talked about it and he/we is/are interested about it. We haven’t planned anything, so the idea is still `open´. You can still ask us to come, like you have done with Asagi/D and Mana.”

9. Which one is your favorite lolita-brand?

“I like all of them, especially Japanese ones, but I have to say BABY, the stars shine brightly.”

When translator said only “Baby”, the questioner, who was Lolita, corrected the brands a whole name, which made the audience and Kaya giggle.

10. Kaya, your voice is so beautiful and gorgeous. How do you train it (in daily)?

“Kiitos (thank you). I don’t do professional training, but I try to take care of myself. For example, I don’t drink before concerts and I try to sleep well.”

11. What has been highlight of your career?

“Hmm… Yeah… I really can’t say, but I could say my old band… I think it’s this situation, where I am in every moment.”

Then Kaya asked something to the translator and watched us, before he said:
“Nyt on.” (Now it/it’s now)

12. Your two singles, which you have released lately, have been pretty heavy. Will your next album be as heavy?

“I have done this solo project 6 years and I felt that I like to go back. My next single, which will release in December, will be heavy too, but same time it will be cute.”

13. What is your greatest dream?

“I wish that I can sing to the end of my life.”

14. Do you watch any movies or TV? What are your favorite series?

“I really don’t watch TV, but I watch movies. I like very much horror and also Tim Burton’s movies.”

15. If you can’t sleep, what will you do?

“I just start imagine different things”, Kaya told and laughed.

16. What do you do in your spare time?

“I have two cats, so I play with them.”

What are their names?

“They are Goma and Uni.”

17. When you go to other countries, what things are you missing in Japan?

“I don’t miss anything so much, expect my cats.”

18. Do you see Hora in your spare time?

“Of course! Every day - even then, when we go to sleep”, Kaya joked with big grin on his face.
“Oh no!” he started to shake his head and hands.
“Really, we see each other casually.”

19. What made you dress yourself as lolita?

“There is this festival (I missed it name and I couldn‘t find it later) in Japan, where young children, about 5-7 years old, dress differently and that inspired me.”

20. What is your favorite flower?

“Rose,” and this came in English

21. What is your favorite moomin character and why?

“Myy, because I think we look the same”, Kaya laughed.

22. What is your favorite costume?

“All costumes comes to my singles, when I think what is the story or theme in them and they are made for that. This outfit, which I wear, I bought it. When I see fans or meet people, I use something normal or which I can buy from stores. When it comes to concerts, then I think for example moving and how they look like on the stage.”

23. Would you like to come Finland’s Lolita meetings?

“Definitely!” Kaya smiled.

“Welcome”, the questioner, who was lolita (maybe even same lolita than before).

“Kiitos”, Kaya thanked.

24. What is your favorite season?

“It’s winter, because I really can’t handle heat/high temperature. It’s so nice to be in Finland, because weather is nice - in Japan, there is still very hot!”

25. Do you like/wear perfumes? Do you have any favorite brands?

“(And I missed perfume's name too) is my favorite one, but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore and it’s very hard to find it anymore. I like perfumes and I bought them a lot.”

26. You already bought Naruto, but what else you have bought in Finland?

“I visited the moominshop and I thought that I bought little, but I ended up to bought too much!” Kaya laughed little bit embarrassed.

27. What is the most beautiful thing in Finland, if we don’t count fans in?

“I have been in many countries and I noticed that Finland has very beautiful men… And women,” Kaya started to tell and that women came little bit too late.
I have to say that when he said “men” (yes, he said it first), a whole audience yelled “woah!” and even I started grinning.

And Kaya didn’t made me stop my grinning, when he continued:
“I would like to take one of them with me.”

28. What are your favorite songs to sing/perform in concerts?

“Hmm… Chocolate and Rosen jail, because I like songs, which are heavier.”

29. Who was your idol, when you were young?

“Moomins,” Kaya said and laughed, but went then serious and continued:
“Visual kei had very big impact to me, so like Luna Sea and L'Arc~en~Ciel. I also liked Madonna.”

30. You mentioned as your favorite songs in lives are Chocolate and Rosen jail, which both are composed by Hora. When will you work together again?

“In Salome (single), there is one song, which is composed by Hora.”

31. I’m not sure, have you tasted Finnish foods, but if you have, what did you like them?

“I tasted salmon and I really liked it. I tasted some foods in Kauppatori and I guess one was vendace. Usually I drink tea, but here I have drunk much coffee, because it has tasted good.”

32. What kind of difficulties there have been in the beginning of your career?

“I always try to enjoy difficulties, when I have seen them… Hmm… I really don’t remember them, because I haven’t take them as difficulties.”

33. What do you think about Finnish language?

“It sounds much Japanese and first I though that people speak Japanese and not Finnish,” Kaya laughed.
“But it think it sounds very cute. Moi!” he said hi in Finnish to the end and waved his hand.

34. Does people prejudice you much in Japan (for your clothes and music)?

“Yes. Especially when I started dressing like this, when I was in school. I’m from Shikoku and there aren’t that much people, so they stared me much, but I just did, what I wanted.”

35. How much you have take time to do all makeups, hair and dressing, before you go somewhere? Like, if you have to go somewhere at the 11 a.m., how early do you have to start preparing?

“Maybe about 2 hours before, but if I have to hurry, I can do all that in hour.”

36. Do you do your own makeup to concert or does someone help you? How about on weekdays?

“Usually I do my makeup by myself, but for photo shootings professional makeup artists help, but I really like to do it mostly by myself.”

- Then Jrocksuomi’s member step to moment -
“I’m sorry, but I have to ask, how much time we have”, she said to the translator, who looked his watch.
“It’s 15:50”, the man said.
“Okay, we have ten minutes. Next question…?”

37. It’s pretty hard to get your old bands and projects CDs (before the Schwarz stein), so is there any chance that you would re-release them?

“I do right now solo, so there is no other projects right now. I have to discuss about it with others, so it’s not sure/it’s open situation.”

38. In your Glitter cover, there is the picture of boy-Kaya, will we see more male/manly Kaya?

“I get much female fans and I wanted to remind them that I’m a man. I’m pretty sure there will be more that,” Kaya explained and watched all of us.
“What do you think about it?”

The audience answered like this:
“You are great like that/We like to see you as yourself!”
And that made Kaya smile.

- This time Jrocksuomi’s member told that they will take only two questions -

39. What Finnish words do you know?

“Not many, only Moi, moi moi, kiitos, terve and tervetuloa. I like to learn more, because Finnish is cute language.” (the words were hi, bye bye, thank you, hello and welcome)

40. What kind of student were you?

“I was weird. I started to do makeup, when I was in high school, so I was pretty odd.”

More special notes about Q&A:

- During the Q&A, Kaya smiled and laughed much (even so I didn’t always wrote it here) and he seemed to be very warm, nice person (and some time politics too, but he is Japanese and musician, so no wonder).
- He sat gracefully, little bit girly way, which worked well to his look.
- When there silence moment or nothing special happened, he looked little bit “bored” and started to stretch his hands.

After the last question, Kaya left from the stage for break and we went to queue. Some people decided to wait some time that queue became shorter and some others went to buy stuff. Jrocksuomi’s members/Gloria’s staff put table to the stage and made preparations. It took sometime, but not long, before Kaya came back and blond Jrocksuomi’s member spoke us again.
“Okay, remember that you have to buy something to get the autograph. Wait here (she pointed next to her on the stage, end of little steps) that person before you leaves. You can shake hands, but no hugging, because we don’t want to destroy his hair and clothes. When you leave, walk there and other Jrocksuomi’s member helps you.”
After information, we went to get our autographs. When was my time, I walked to Kaya, said “hi” and I gave him my CD’s sheet (or what ever that thing is in English), which he signed. We shook hands and I said “ありがとうございます” (thank you), which made Kaya smile and he thanked me in Japanese. Before I left, I really couldn’t resist to say ”cute way” moi moi (bye bye) and I waved my hand, which made Kaya laugh/giggled, when he did exactly same thing to me.

I decided to take the autograph here, where it’s more safe and there is more space. This time I let it dry, before I put sheet back to CD’s cover and bag.

After I got Kaya’s autograph, I waited some of my friends, talked with people and then I finally left to home. I think the day was great and I really respect Kaya even more. I hope that he can come to Finland for concert someday and I wish that people will come to see him. Kaya is still to mysterious to me, but I think he has little bit “opened” more to me as artist. He seems to be nice person and I understand well, why my friend is his fan.

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


Say hello to the post lady

I should have done this earlier, but I have been too busy, because my friend just got married and she asked me to do her makeup and help other ways, then I had my own daytime job and I needed to continue my too long fan fiction story’s too long spinoff (and I haven’t finished it >.<)… I have too much things to do!

But! About 2 weeks ago in the morning the doorbell rang and I went to the door. There were the very familiar post lady (yes, I like to call her that way^^), who gave me the packet and asked me to sign papers that the post have been delivered. I knew immediately, when I saw the packet, what there was, and as people can guess, I signed the papers very quickly.


Okay, can you guess, what there was?
I give you a hint^^


Yes, there is my order from D’s Ultimate lover Global! I joined there very soon after the club was organized and I ordered in July their newest single. Because I decided pretty late to buy the CDs (I wanted to wait my paycheck), it took some time, before I finally got them. I have liked .断罪の銃士(ガンナー) (Danzai no Gunner) since I heard it first time in D’s official page and it was something great to wait - I liked it much more than Dying Message.


And because I’m greedy bastard, I bought all three versions for it. D is the only band, who have made me do that. Normally I only buy albums and not singles for artists, but sometimes I buy D’s singles, if I really like them - sometimes one version, sometimes all. I like to “hunt down” all their songs, so of course I had to get all versions *laugh* Luckily to wallet, I don’t do that so often and normally I just wait albums and mini-albums.

Okay, let’s talk about this CDs and not just rejoice for those.
I could do some kind of analysis and start from front cover. All those look great and they fit very well to the title single, 断罪の銃士 (Danzai no Gunner), but if I had to choose, which is the best, that would be A version’s or B version’s front cover (A is the violet colored and B is the yellow colored). The A versions cover gives the same vibes than the single’s music video and Asagi looks more than great, but B version have it’s own magic: all members. I love that B version’s front covers shows that this is the band and not some kind of solo project. Still, I think the A is the winner, because I’m not big fan of yellow. C version’s cover is good too, but I don’t think it’s as impressive as two others.


Who can guess, which back cover is my favorite? It’s in B version: the gun. Even so I think it’s great to see all members and have pictures of them, I think the gun is simpler and that way stronger than other two. I like all of them, but when I looked all covers, when I got them, B version’s front cover stood out more than others.

IMG_1811   IMG_1813

They all look same, only colors tell, which version is one. I can’t say, which one is my favorite, because I don’t pay as much attention to CDs as covers. So, if I had to choose one, this time I going to say that C version and the reason is… Well, it’s blue and my dog is blue! *laugh*

And now comes to the most important thing: music and music video. A version have music video and B version have making of the music video. Both DVDs are amazing! I love how cinematic the music video is. There is a clear story and not only some weird stuff, like crawling, half-naked women, who open their mouths and there come snakes. It’s easy to understand the video and it’s very nice to watch, because it’s well done. The music video is probably now one of my favorites music videos, which I have seen from D - maybe even from Japanese music genre.

The making of… Okay, I couldn’t watch it without laughing! XD It’s just - I love Asagi, Ruiza, Hide-zou, Tsunehito and Hiroki! I love, how they do silly things, especially Hide-zou, and have fun. They don’t just do their job, but they enjoying it. Of course they became serious, when they had to shoot the music video, but when they waited or did something else, they are so playful. And! This is very important to me! They show their clothes and tells little bit about them! I have happened more and more their making ofs and it’s interesting to see all details and make some notes from there (for example that Hide-zou have pretty often corset or some kind belt, which looks like corset). The showing their outfits is close to their fans’ hearts, but also good thing those, who like to cosplay them^^

I’m not going to rank their songs or give grades, because I couldn’t be objective - and it isn’t my point in this entry. Still, I’m going to say little bit about songs and music. If we look all versions of this single, we can see that it has made by a whole band. I mean, there are singles, which all songs are made by Asagi and Ruiza, because they are clearly the main composers of D (and of course Asagi always writes lyrics). The title song, 断罪の銃士 is made by Asagi and that was like I expected. Song is strong and it has some interesting moments and themes.
Second song, Luminous flames (very beautiful name, btw) was surprise and interesting as same time, maybe even little bit weird - I could say it’s little bit hard to “see through”. I was little bit shocked, when I saw that composer is Tsunehito. The song didn’t sound much Ruiza or Asagi, but I still could believe that it was made by Tsunehito. It made be happy, after I realized it, because I think Tsunehito is very talented, even so he is very young. It’s good that he made the song, which is with 断罪の銃士 in the all versions.
I have to say that I was little bit surprised, when I heard that only A version has 断罪の銃士 voiceless version, because earlier every version had it. The voiceless version has its own power and the song stays strong, but it’s not as good as it is with singing. Asagi’s voice is just so great, beautiful and singing is skillful that it gives so much to the music.
Immediately when 氷の墓標 (Koori no bohyou) started, I knew it was made by Ruiza. I’m not sure, which revealed it. Maybe it some theme in that song or strong guitars. It sounds nice in the CD, but I think it works better in lives, because it has so strong feeling. I just can image, how the audience goes excited and start parting more than ever *laugh* Even so I like the song, it’s not as good as the main song.
Then it comes… Solitude ~最後の手紙~ (Solitude ~ Saigo no tegami ~). Really, I just love it. It’s very beautiful and it makes me want to do two things. 1) just sit or lie down and listen the song, or 2) close my eyes and rock/sway (you could say dance) little bit with the music. There is some kind magic, which are some of Ruiza’s solo albums tracks. But it wasn’t made by Ruiza. Solitude ~最後の手紙~’s composer is Hide-zou. I think it has something same than some others Hide-zoo’s songs, but something different too. My friend said that the songs is pretty smooth without strong/special moments, but still it’s beautiful and nice. In my opinion, Solitude ~最後の手紙~ gives same vibes than 波紋 (Hamon), and I love 波紋 so I love this. It can be that I like Solitude ~最後の手紙~ more than 断罪の銃士, but I still understand well, why 断罪の銃士 is the title song.
As you see, this is very strong, the whole band’s single (even so Hiroki hadn’t composer any songs, but still). I’m more than happy that I bought all versions and the true is that I have listened CDs, especially C version, very often, when I haven’t listen music from youtube/computer. I’m so happy that my D collection grows^^

Oh, and I almost forgot! All those, who have bought D’s CDs, knows that there normally comes D’s trading cards and I got mine.


Yes, I got one Hiroki card (it’s so beautiful - I’m more than sure that some of friends are jealous *grin*) and two all members card. I have a couple ideas, what to do to the one of those two cards. And what those are? I don’t tell you XP Let’s just say that it depends on some things/persons and what will happen in Fall.

Okay, now it’s time to end this entry. I hope you liked this entry and maybe later I will tell more, which j-rock CDs/stuff I own.

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


Welcome to The Chaotic Chapel

I think it's time to interview myself, because I updated my blog with new name and the exact content.


I like to call myself here and on some other internet pages as Ishikawa Aysha Drajena. As you can guess that's not my real name. I'm Finnish and my roots are from Finland, so I don't have that kind of name. I like to use Ishikawa as my ”surname”, because that's one of my main character's name in my fan-fiction story. My ”first name” Aysha is little bit problematic to explain, but let's say that I took if for word ”Yasha” (which is Yaksha in Japanese and it’s some Indian nature-spirit, which can be good and evil) and I changed it little bit – and yes, I know it's Islamic name, but I didn't know that back then (btw, it's a spider genus too). Drajena is main heroine’s name in my original story and works as my ”second name”, because I use names Aysha/Aysha666 and Drajena on internet a lot.


I was born in 26th December. I'm very alive personal, when people learn to know me, and people can easily see, what I think about something. I have quick temper and I'm willful person, but nice and friendly too, if people don’t say or do something, which make me angry. When people don’t know me, they see me as calm, self-confident, little bit serious person, but later they’ll find out that I’m kind of playful person.
I have graduated from high school and I just graduated from vocational school as CIDESCO cosmetologist (you could also call it as "international cosmetologist"), but I hope that someday I can study as (theater) makeup artist. I speak Finnish (that’s my native language), English, little bit Swedish and Japanese and I have studied Spanish too, but I have forgotten almost everything about it. Maybe I should try to study it again and train more my Japanese and Swedish too *laugh*
My hobbies are writing own stories and fan-fiction in Finnish, reading different books and other stories, listening music, playing with my dog and sometimes I draw and sew clothes to myself.

I’m going to share with you some of my passion things in this blog. I love j-rock/Japanese music! Especially Visual kei bands like D, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Versailles, SCREW, Matenrou opera and… It would take me forever to tell you all those Japanese musicians, which I listen. There are just too many good bands and singers that it’s hard to try remember all of them. If you like to ask about some bands, do I listen them, feel free to ask - I don’t mind ^-^ And lately I have learned to like K-pop/Korean pop more and I listen pretty much SHINee, Brown eyed girls, 4minute and 2ne1.
As the western musicians, I like heavy/rock bands, even so I’m able to listen almost everything (expect rap and hip hop), but it’s always up to the song, do I like it or not. Still, there are some musicians, which I like: Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Nickelback, Karmia, etc.

I like Japanese street fashion and I have friends, who dress themselves as lolitas, aristocrats or gyarus or then they do cosplay. I only dress as aristocrat (male or female), when I have right mood, enough time and circumstances are favorable (like weather). I’m not that a big fan of fashion-fashion (like Guess, D&G, Calvin Klein etc.), but I like that people dress like they want and they have their own style. Even if I don’t dress myself as aristocrat or lolita everyday and I have to use white working clothes in my school (and probably at the work in future), I like to sometimes at least try to ”spice” my outfits with different things.




As you already have guessed, I will talk about Japanese bands or Visual kei/styled bands (like Finnish Visual Styled band Karmia). All entries will be in English, because this is my way to try to learn it more. I will write live reports from j-rock concerts, where I’ll go, with my own opinion and there will be stories about Finnish events like Tsukicon/Tsukifest (it’s event, which focus on Japanese music and street fashion). I also will rank some singles and albums too, but not so often because I don’t have that much time to update this blog. I like to write about Japanese street fashion here in Finland and maybe I’ll try to write some opinion things like ”being fan”.
I could say that I will write themes, which are very close to Japan and Japanese culture and some other stuff, which I thing suit to my blog, my passion things/interests and me. I never have been in Japan, but I wish I can go there soon.



Okay, this is me and my blog. I wish you like my entries and please, write comments too. I only understand Finnish, English and little bit Swedish, Japanese and Spanish. You can also write me in other language, but remember that then I have to use internet’s/Google’s translator pages and they don’t always translate correctly.

Feel free to ask me anything and if you hope me to do entry about something special, like song ranking with some musician, please let me know your wish. I don’t promise to do them, but I can always watch, what I can do. I hope you will like to visit in The Chaotic Chapel and look for updates.

Welcome to darkness, children of the night!


SCREW @ Helsinki, Gloria 16.6.2012

When this year started and two bands decided to come to Finland, I knew this year would be great j-rock year, even if no other interesting bands (in my opinion, LM.C came immediately after D and An cafe comes in Fall, but I don‘t listen them) came. The first band was D, as you already guessed/knew, and second one was SCREW.


I have liked SCREW since I heard their song VEGAS (and I saw their music video too) about 3-4 four years ago. Their sound was something, which I like and somehow I got twisted feeling and Byou’s voice and singing made my feeling that even stronger. I have seen them once, when they were Tsukicon 2009’s main entertainer and then SCREW had their original bassist Yuuto, but that summer Yuuto decided to leave from the band and Finland’s concert was their last concert with him in Europe.

I have to admit that when I heard that Jewel’s ex-bassist RUI joined SCREW, I didn’t like that at all. The reason is simple: Yuuto was my favorite member in the band (even so I always try to like all members), so I wasn’t happy to see someone replace him. That’s why I didn’t listen SCREW that much anymore, even so I kept my eyes on them.
But then SCREW decided to come again to Finland ’cause their Europe tour -SASSORI-, I had to go their concert. I liked their last concert very much and I wanted to see the great live band again. And, of course, I had to check their new bassist, even so he have been in SCREW over two years. I bought ticket the same day, when they came out. I was ready to go alone to the concert, because many of my friends don’t listen SCREW, but in the end couple my friends came too - and they didn’t know that I was coming too *laugh*


SCREW’s ticket, which I bought in January *laugh*
Well, I already knew that no one could stop me going there.

My other friend had birthday party on the same day with the concert, so I left there to the concert. I saw my friends Destiny and talked with them. Destiny told me that RUI came out with one staff member from Gloria’s main door, walked to McDonald’s, came out with many paper bags and went back to inside - and no one in queue didn’t say anything! Everyone just stared and couldn’t believe their eyes, no one didn’t even scream! Goddess dammit! That was something I would liked to see XD
When people around us started move, I decided to went to head of queue. There I started to talk with girl in front of me and we talked all that time, before we got in. Unfortunately we didn’t saw each other after that, which is very big shame, because I don’t know her name and she was nice. Maybe we will see each other in some other concert, hopefully.


We all got this stamp to our hands, that we can go in and out how we like and there isn’t no reason to show a ticket.

As I always do, I went to sale table and bought little bit too much things, as I later understood. There were many items to buy. I was three different shirts, couple of singles, many photo sets, posters, photo poster, bags, etc. I bought Cursed Hurricane single - regular version, lady’s tanktop, photo set and bag, and because my shopping went over 60 euros, I got special photo set too.
Oh and Kazuki and Manabu were there selling their stuff, but I didn’t my things from them. I saw them little bit too late and didn’t want just jump in front of them. I only said them がんばってください/Gambatte kudasai (please, do your best) and left.


There came this little picture with Cursed Hurricane CD. And no, my camera didn’t play tricks with me, the single’s pamphlet had that different texture.


I chose the photo set, which are their latest look and they wore those clothes on the stage. The photos are smaller than normal photos.


I bought again this kind of shirt. I just like them more than T-shirts. I took little risk, when I bought this, because I decided to take size M - but I was lucky and it fits me^^


And finally the bag. For some reason, the bags always calls me. Maybe because I have notice they are very useful^^
I took only one photo of it, because it’s only without any text or picture in other side.


And this is the special photo set, which I got, even so they’re not real photos. The material is different. I guess I need to buy photo album for all pictures ^-^

I left my stuff to the cloakroom. We chatted little bit with Gloria’s staff man, because I was drawn 岩 -kanji to my cheek and he asked, what it was. I explained it (it‘s iwa, means rock) and my reason for my choice, before I went to second floor, where I found Destiny, who had enough age to come to licensed are. We went very close to middle of the loft, but more Kazuki’s side. It was still enough middle that we could see very clearly the stage.
There were more people than I was expecting, and my friend even asked, was there as much people as in D’s gig. I guessed that there were as much or little bit lesser. We talked about things and then I saw Manabu and Kazuki to went walkway and Kazuki took a peek to hall. As my friend later told me, I lips turned to devilish grin and she turned to look behind her. We waved to him and Kazuki smiled, when he waved back, before he left.

When we waited to the concert to start, I watched to the stage. There were, of course, all instruments (and one extra bass, or so I thought). They have put big sheet on the back wall and there read SCREW, of course, and under the band’s name there was picture of scorpion. Light bulbs hanged from the ceiling just above the stage and everything looked every good. Then I saw that there weren’t security fence at all between audience and the stage, like there were in both of D‘s concert and all last times, when I have been there. That made me little bit worried, because the Finnish audience can be very rough, even so we have acted better than couple years ago.

It took pretty long time, before something really happened on the stage. Two Jrocksuomi’s members came to the stage and blond one was familiar - we have seen her pretty much in concerts. Still, I have never seen the brunette one before - both were women. The blond one took microphone from the platform, which is in middle on the stage close the edge.
“Hi everyone,” she said to the microphone in Finnish and audience greeted her too.
“Today, as you know, SCREW will perform here and they will soon come to the stage.”
This made many of us to scream for happiness, but I was quiet, because I waited the normal opening about gig rules and little bit mention about SCREW’s European tours other concerts (which we have heard a couple days before Finland’s concert).

“I still think that we have to remind you about gig rules, before they can start,” the blond one continued.
“No photos or video taping. If you break this rules, we have to kick you out. Don’t push each other here on the floor. As you see, this time there isn’t security fence, so be more careful, that you don’t hurt anyone,” she said and watched as a couple seconds.
“And as some of you have heard, SCREW’s tour haven’t went that well, because the audiences have been very rough. For example, they have tear the vocalist shirt and stripped the member of the stage and touched intimate places. So please, let’s show the band that at least we know, how to act. Let’s respect the band, okay?”
The audience answered “yes” and I hoped that we could act well. I know that SCREW likes to jump/dive to the audience, but people still should know, what they can do and what not.
“We will keep our eyes on you. There are cameras and we’ll see everything you do here. And if you behave well, it can be that the members will come to the lobby and give you hugs”, she said with little smile and the audience started to clap our hands and cheer.
That was the perfect sweetener, which could make everyone act nicely *laugh*

The brunette one took microphone and explained same thing in English (in different words than I used) and she made one little “mistake”. She said that if we act well, SCREW’s members might come to give us hugs and kisses. Maybe that was little bit too much to said, as I thought, but it made our moods go up, even so we really didn’t believe those kisses.

The members of Jrocksuomi left from the stage and the audience started clap our hands and cheer that SCREW would come to the stage. We had to clap sometime, before intro started and Jin finally walked to the stage. He greeted us, before went to his drum set. RUI, Manabu and Kazuki came more and less together and waved us, when they took their instruments. They took their places (guitarist Manabu on the left side and Kazuki on the right side in my eyes), stood still and waited for the last member: the vocalist Byou.
Byou walked in the middle of the stage and waved his hands to make us shout more. He just listened our cheering, before the show really started with 桜の雨 (Sakura no Ame) from BIRAN album. That’s was new song to me, because I haven’t have chance to listen to the newest album. 桜の雨 has nice rhythm and it was good opener, even so it wasn’t the strongest one, because it was so new and Byou’s microphone could have been louder. Manabu, RUI and Kazuki came immediately near to the audience and started jump on the stage. Byou started his weird but still awesome jumping, one leg air kicking dance, which raised our moods.

The next song was The Abyss, which I have heard couple of times and is more like ”the old SCREW” and there are same elements/themes as older songs have. I really like that song, because it’s so familiar but different, because the latest songs have been ”softer” and maybe more ”pop” in my ears. Third song was JELLYFISH, which is from RUI’s era too, like two other songs were. That time Byou took a little towel and some swearwords came out my mouth. I had forgotten my own towel, which I bought in Tsukicon. I saw too that not many persons had that towel for waving. It would be great view, if at least half of the audience would have had that towel, but now it was too late. At least people waved their hands like they would have had towels on their hands.

All members, who could move on the stage, stole the show! I love SCREW’s concerts, because they know, how to perform and they do it with their own style. They moved and played so much on the stage that it’s sometimes hard to try see everything, as I realized. When I watched Byou, I missed, what Kazuki or Manabu was doing, and when I looked for example RUI, I missed Byou‘s doing.
Kazuki looked many times to the second floor and paid attention to us. When they finished JELLYFISH, he blew air kiss to us, before they took little break and drank water. That break took some while and I thought that there were some problems, because some staff member came a couple times to Byou, before he left for good. I wasn’t only one, who wondered that, because I saw the audience wasn’t sure, what to do. Finally we end up to clap our hands. Byou raised his hand and the fourth song started being very familiar to me and other SCREW‘s fans: Death’s door. That made us going even more wild, and no wonder, because it’s good song and yes - that’s the old SCREW!

Next came two my all time favorite songs from SCREW and I knew the concert would be definitely be succeed. The songs were Gather Roses and VEGAS. I just love, how twisted and even pervert Gather Roses is. It has that kind of sexual tension, which just makes you go like up, up, up and up *laugh*
And Byou didn’t let us go easy, ‘cause he took his clothes off and showed his shoulder and little bit his chest in that sexy way. He rocked his body like dancer, when the song started and made us go wild. Almost at the opening of Gather Roses, someone in the audience, threw her bra to the stage. Byou showed them to Kazuki and put them against the guitarist’s chest like he was wearing bra to Kazuki. Kazuki just laughed and Byou put that bra on his face and played a whole song with them.
VEGAS was the best! I love that song too, because it’s twisted, but like player type twisted (oh my goddess, does that mean that I love SCREW, because they are twisted? Good to know *laugh*). Many others showed like VEGAS too, because in my eyes the audience looked more hyped up and ready to rock, and SCREW seemed the enjoy too.

Okay, I move on. I could say that the set list was more about new songs from RUI’s era and that second part was more Yuuto’s era and then there couple older songs after them. I have to say, that I liked the most the oldest songs, but I think there were good new songs too.

As I said before, SCREW is great live band, because they perform the audience and pay attention to us, but same time it’s hard to watch them. There happens so much on the stage and it isn’t easy to try see everything to same time. When I looked, how Byou was dancing, I almost missed, when Kazuki and RUI kissed sweetly, or lately when Manabu and RUI looked each other and thought little bit before they kissed or then they ran circle, if they were chasing each other. Yeah, that’s nice, not so often fan service happens in front of my eyes.
Even Jin was playful, when he did different faces and played with his drumstick and put them like they were his feelers/antennas.

I have mention that I was very proud about Finnish audience. They didn’t push each other, when I looked on the second floor. We respected the band, no one pulled them off the stage, and I didn’t even see any rough touches or patting to intimate areas. And even when Byou, Kazuki and RUI jumped to the audience, no one didn’t grab them badly. People just pushed them nicely back to the stage - maybe even quicker than Byou would have though or wanted *laugh*
But really, the audience did good job and behaved well - just like in D’s concerts and I’m happy that people didn’t act as badly as a couple years ago in j-rock concerts.

Back in business.
After VEGAS the band took again little break, but this time it was shorter and the show continued with BRAINSTORM, Cursed Hurricane and DEEP SIX, before they took their third break. Then Byou finally talk to us, what didn’t happen before (not even in Tsukicon 2009). I think that the vocalist said couple times next songs name, but it was hard to hear - or then he just made those ”death vocals”.
I’m not so sure, did Byou say “do you have fun” or “how are you” or what, but I guess he just wanted to be sure that we had great time - even so I’m sure they all could see that we enjoyed the concert. The audience cheered, of course and other members just smiled and laughed little bit, when we were so full of energy.

“Aa…” The vocalist looked like he wasn’t sure, what to say.
English really isn’t always Japanese best abilities.
“On drums, Jin!” Byou introduced his band mate and pointed the drummer behind him.
Jin waved his hand, when most of audience cheered and I heard someone call Jin’s name, but everyone gave applauses.
“On bass, RUI!” the vocalist continued and waved his hand there, where the bassist stood.
RUI looked shy, when he waved to us. Again the audience cheered and clapped hands, when we welcomed the new bassist to Finland.
“On this guitar, Manabu!” Byou told us and pointed the guitarist on his left side (in my eyes, again).
Manabu raised his fist and enjoyed all cheers, what he got and smiled a lot, when he looked us. He even greeted the second floor.
“On this guitar, Kazuki!” the vocalist introduced the band’s leader.
Kazuki opened his arms like rock star, but then started laugh and greeted us by waving hand. He moved little bit closer and blew air kiss the audience on the floor and on the loft.
“And I’m the vocalist, Byou”, Byou finally told us, who he is and we cheered again.

When introducing was over, the band continued the concert with four songs, which were from RUI’s era, expect last one, which was S=r&b. In the last ”part”, SCREW got more excited and Byou, Kazuki and RUI ended up to jump to the audience and sat down right next to drum set. It looked like Byou and Kazuki had some kind competition, who would jump the most to the audience and RUI just made them do it more *laugh* S=r&b was excellent song as final song, before the band left the stage and Kazuki throw his plectrum. SCREW went to backstage and we cheered sometime, before we started yell encore.
It took very long time and sometimes Finnish fans yelled “encore” and other time “we want more”. Really, I almost thought that they wouldn’t play encore at all, but finally Jin walked to the stage and others came after him. SCREW played VANQUISH and we waved again our hands and towels, and after that they played the last song - and if I remember right, Byou told that it was the last one - Dearest Wish, which is one of my favorite songs too. Because the last song was one of the best songs from SCREW, in my opinion, I didn’t know better way to end the concert, even so it was pretty short - only one and half hour long.

Expects one thing made the evening end even better…

I went back to lobby with Destiny and saw my other friends. Byou, RUI and Jin were at the sale table and sold their stuff. They even hugged those, who went to buy something - of course, they all didn’t come to hug, only that one, who sold you something. I wanted still that photo poster, because I though it was nice. And you probably don’t believe me, put I just went there, were queue was the fastest and I ended in front of Jin. I bought photo poster and then Jin hugged me - okay, that brunette Jrocksuomi’s member didn’t lie in the end, because Jin kissed my ear, or skin between ear and cheek, how you ever like to call that. I thanked Jin for the concert and told him that I was happy that they played VEGAS, because it’s my favorite song. Jin smiled and thanked me, and his smile got even bigger, when I told him that I think he is cute. My other friend got kiss to his neck, near to ear.

Then I went talk to some friends and other people, who I know. One reason I like to go to j-rock concerts, is that there are people, who I don’t met so often. Or I can meet new interesting persons. I saw happy smiles and some unhappy faces for different reasons, but the best thing was see my friends smiles and how pleased some of people, I knew, were.
Little bit later I tried to help little bit some girls, who tried to buy some photo sets, but they wanted some information about them, but Byou didn’t understood their questions. So, I gave little bit help (even so I don’t think I did much) and those girls got their photo sets. I got a chance to thank Byou for concert and I told the he looked awesome. He looked little bit surprised and thanked, so I decided to left and not disturb him anymore, because he really focused for selling. Soon Byou left with Jin to take care their instruments and other things (RUI left earlier to help Manabu and Kazuki), and me and my friends decided to left from Gloria.


 This is nice photo poster, which needs frames or some other safe place. 

I heard little bit about “Meet & Greet” happening, where members of PSC’s fan club could see the band before the concert. I didn’t go there, because I’m not the member and I didn’t see any point to use 100 € for membership that I could see SCREW. I also heard that it’s useful only if you go often to Japan and that isn’t possible for me right now.
One girl told that they took photos with the band and they got autographs. After the autographs, they had little Q&A and then they all took photo together. She didn’t remember all questions or didn’t heard clearly all answers, but in my eyes there are pretty common questions: why did you decided to become musicians, what have been the beauties courtesy you had heard, how did you get to know Sadie’s Mao, something about Manabu’s long fingers (this wasn’t that typical question or answer XD) and so on.

We all, my friends and I, liked SCREW second concert in Finland. Set list was great and everyone had fun. This was definitely one of best gigs I have ever seen. There happened so much! This entry was so hard to write, because there were so many details that I’m not sure anymore, what happened when and what thing happened next. I don’t write that much notes, when I’m on concert, because I’ll try to enjoy it and later remember as many things as it‘s possible. This time I should have done notes, but I’m happy that I didn’t: I could enjoy and have more fun than other way.

Okay, I have to say that I wished that Byou would have talked to us. I was more than happy that he introduced himself and other members, because I would have liked that in their first concert here. I don’t think that their show would have gone bad, if Byou or someone else had talked to the audience. Still, I understand that the language is big problem.
However, there were something, which I wondered and I wasn’t the only one: why the concert was short? Almost every concert, and all concerts, in the last 2-3 years, have lasted about two hours and this concert lasted only 1,5 hours. I don’t know reason for that and I don’t complain much, I just think SCREW could have played more songs, for example Kairos and Wailling Wall or some other older songs.

Now, I’m going to say something about members, but this time I’ll start with the vocalist.
Byou just was so great and sexy. He moved his fingers like was calling us come closer. He licked his lips, played with microphone and its cable, he played like he was hanging himself and he took that cable to his teeth. He paid attention not only the audience on the floor, but on the loft too! He really knows, how to entertain people. And I have to say that one girl, who got kiss to lips by him, was very, very lucky girl ^-^ All those things makes him great performer, but he is very good singer too. I like, how he can express emotions and thoughts about songs with his voice. When the song is twisted (player or sexual way), he can do it easily and be the same time so cool that you just watch him with open mouth. Good singer and very good, hot performer *-*

Kazuki is probably the famous and most popular member right next with Byou. In the end, I don’t wonder it at all. SCREW’s band leader is very sweet, attractive person. He is so cute and somehow I think it’s pretty easy to go to him and talk to. I probably would be nervous to talk to him little bit more, but I think I wouldn’t be that nervous like with someone else ^-^ Kazuki paid much attention to the whole audience and not only those, who were right next to him (even so he kissed one girl too). He also noticed other members and was playful, like when he tried to kick Manabu to the audience. Kazuki’s guitar playing is very strong and skillful. He knows, how to play his instrument and be same time playful. And he knows, how to play bass too, because he changed instruments with RUI for little moment (and he played bass, when he was younger).

Manabu is very attractive. He looks more different than other members, somehow darker and mysterious, but his personal doesn’t seem so dark. He is very sweet, what I looked him on the sale table (and remember from Tsukicon) and his voice is nicely low and soft. He didn’t jump that much to audience or went as close as others free-to-move members, but he focused more to playing his guitar and made those “death vocal” parts than others. Manabu seemed very gently and he paid attention to us on second floor too. Manabu’s playing is nice and very talented too, like Kazuki’s playing. It was nice to see, how much guitar solos Manabu had, when I thought that Kazuki would do them more. Manabu plays very well his instrument and it’s great to be able to hear and see it again ^-^

Yes, I’m honest. I was very skeptic about RUI. I was like: “show me, what you can do” and he really showed ^-^ I have to say that I was little bit disappointed, when others had their “look” clothes and RUI had jeans, tour t-shirt and black jacket. Maybe he had good reason to wear those clothes, but I waited something more. In my eyes, RUI looked pretty much D’s Ruiza, when Ruiza don’t have makeup. Maybe it’s because of RUI’s blond hair. The bassist seemed nice, little bit shy and more unsure than others, but it’s easy to understand - first time in Finland and Europe. He played well and was playful. One time RUI sat down next to drum sets and when Kazuki looked him with surprised “what the fuck are you sitting there?” face, RUI just laughed and stood up. RUI is good bassist, I have to admit it. He knows his instrument and did very good job. I have to now tell that he really fits to SCREW. Yes, I finally give him my blessing *laugh*

Jin… I think I just turned to Jin’s fan girl *laugh* I have always though he is cute and accessible, but now he is those things even more. You probably guess that I think so, because of that hug and kiss, but it isn’t true. Jin is very sweet person and it was easy to see that, how he treated people around him on the sale table and how he acted on the stage. It’s sad that others moved so much that I didn’t have that much time to look at him, but every time I saw sweet smile, funny faces and cute movements. He tried to entertain us, even so he probably knew that the most of the audience were looking Byou and others. Jin is good player too. He plays strongly and didn’t make mistakes (or I didn’t notice). I would have liked to see some drum solo by him, but unfortunately that didn’t happened. I’m sure that his drum solos are great *-*

And SCREW reminded me, who great band it is. Their songs are good, even if they were older or newer and they have that charisma, which I haven’t see in some other band. Yes, other bands have charisma too, but it’s different. I never could compare D and SCREW or Versailles and SCREW, even so all of them are visual kei bands. I really going to listen more their songs and keep my eyes on them ^-^

Set list:

Intro: 糜爛 (BIRAN)

1. 桜の雨 (Sakura no Ame)
2. The Abyss


4. Death’s door
5. Gather Roses


8. Cursed Hurricane


13. S=r&b


15. Dearest Wish

SCREW’s official page -> http://www.indie-psc.com/screw/
SCREW’s official facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/SCREW_Official/432556250091153
SCREW’s MySpacce page -> http://www.myspace.com/screwofficial
PSC official fun club global -> http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/fanclub/pscompany/

I think it’s my time to end this entry. I really liked the show and I wish that SCREW will come back again. I hope they liked to be here and enjoyed the concerts as much as their fans. I like to thank SCREW, other people in the audience, Jrocksuomi (who have done good job every time) and my friends, who made my Saturday night more successful^^
And I say this again, good job, the Finnish audience! Let’s keep this spirit and respect the bands! They really deserve it and everyone have more fun, when there is no need to worry about getting hurt.

Really, thank you!

I’m not sure, what kind of entry will be my next one. There aren’t right now any concerts, where I would go, but maybe some bands will come Finland. I might write something different before that, because I have some ideas.

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


D @ Helsinki, Gloria 8.5.2012

It didn’t take even a year after D’s first European tour, when D decided to come back to Europe with the tour and go South America too! I was so happy, when I heard news and I bought immediately three tickets, when they came out - to me and my two friends.
I was pretty calm all months, which I have to wait before the concert. I was excited and not only for concert, but this time there would be Question and Answers moment just half hour before the concert in every country. Last time there were autograph session and this time Q&A, which made me so happy. I’m so glad that D likes to make their fans happy and give some specialty^^ More great news came, when Jrocksuomi decided to open doors little bit earlier that everyone could get in. Thank you, Jrocksuomi! I don’t know, how much you hear this, but you have done very good job O(^^)o

My very beautiful ticket - and this time the band’s name, D, is more artistic than before.

This time I couldn’t go to the queue at the 7 a.m., because I had makeup exam in my school. I went to the queue little bit later and sat down alone, because some of my friends came there in the morning and some other decided to come little bit later.
I read for my school’s other exam and didn’t mind people around me. Of course I little bit watched, when some one passed me. I was sitting there sometime, when I saw one of Finnish j-rock-fan fiction forum’s member (okay, she is admin) walking there with some of her Finnish friend and there were some Japanese woman with them (she had that “cough mask”). That admin noticed me and walked straight to me.
“There you are”, she said with great smile.
“Oh, hi. How are you?” I just asked little bit surprised, because I noticed that Japanese woman had camera with her.
“Just fine. Okay, Aysha, stand up and speak to camera”, admin said and pointed the camera.
I was just “what?” and then she explained:
“This person is D’s manager and she has Asagi’s camera. Now, give them message.”

Really, I was shocked then, because that was the last thing I was expecting and it really showed, because I only stammered “Why me?”
“Because you are one of the most famous D fans here in Finland”, admin just laughed and told me to stand up.
So, I stood up and admin’s friend asked me some questions to easier my task (and yes, I didn’t know, should I watch the camera, or manager, or admin and her friend, so I looked all of them *laugh*). The question’s were pretty easy and now, when I think about it, I was totally idiot and nervous - why don’t I just can do it again? *sigh*
Well, they asked me, how I got the know D.
“My friend made me listen their song 闇より暗い (Yami yori kurai)… Oh my, can’t remember a whole name. God dammit, Asagiさま! It’s too long name!” Yes, I complained to Asagi… and that made the manager laugh. Then I mentioned that I saw their 桜花咲きそめにけり (Ouka saki some ni keri)’s PV and fell in love.
Why do I like D?
“Because their music is so great and beautiful and their looks are awesome.“
Which songs is my favorite?
“There are so many great songs from them, but 久遠 (Kuon) is one of my favorites, because it was the first song, which made me cry without shame.”
Do I wish to hear that song?
“Yes and no - yes, because the song is beautiful and no, because I would cry and I don’t want to cry.” Our forum’s admin said it’s okay to cry but I said that I just don’t like to cry in public.
And last question was, which one of members is my favorite.
“I like all of them, but… No, this is so hard, I like all of them… But if I have to mention one member, it is Hide-zou, because I really liked, almost loved him immediately. Hide-zou は かわいい です (Hide-zou wa kawaii desu/Hide-zou is cute)!” And yes, I really can‘t believe I said it aloud *nervous laugh*
And then I gave informal message to the D. I mostly thanked them from coming back to Finland and explained, how important they and their music are to me and finally I thanked them in Japanese and I bowed.
And really, I feel like an idiot (especially in that kawaii part), but I hope D understood, how important they are to me and I will always support them. And really, thank you, admin, you made me happy and I’m glad that you were there^^

There were some girls, who have made this cute moomin themed flag and they asked everyone in the queue to write their names on it^^

 After the video message, I sat down, read to the exam (that wasn’t easy task anymore) and talked with some friends, who came to see me. Finally the doors opened and we got in. First I went at the sale table and there were a lot of people. This time there weren’t CDs on sale, but familiar flags of flag dance, different posters, a photo set, different shirts and many other things. I bought a bag, the photo set and 皇帝(ファンディー)~闇に生まれた報い~ (Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~) poster. After the shopping, I left my jacket and bags to the cloakroom, before I ran to the second floor to take good place. I chose a place on the Hide-zou’s and Tsunehito’s side, because there were camera and people in the middle, but I could easily to see everything on the stage from there.

And my parents complain that bands never sell anything useful - how wrong they are X)

This photos are very nice and they all look great, even so it’s not easy to see their outfits. However, outfits are great and so much D, like their a whole look. And I really want to try to do Tsunehito’s makeup!

First I thought this was normal poster, but it wasn’t. The material is same than real photos, so I have to be more careful, when I think, where I will put it.

The instrument were already on the stage, of course, and there were five chairs. It was little bit weird, when there were much space between to the chairs, but maybe it was band’s wish. Their outfits aren’t always the easiest for tiny places *laugh*
It took some time, before a couple my friends joined me and we talked about some things, like our schools, what we are waiting for the gig and some other things. My friend told me that she saw D, when she was coming there and they had photo shoot or something like than in the park (I guess they made that video message about Ultimate lover Global fan club, but I‘m not sure). I took my notebook and pencil that I could write every questions and answers down.

When time came, three person came to the stage, two westerns and one Japanese woman. Both westerns were men, one was little bit older (I guess he was from MusicJapan+, but I’m not sure) and younger was a Finnish. The Finnish and the Japanese went to the left side (in my and audiences’ eyes) and the third one took microphone.
“Hello everyone”, he said in English and we said “hello” too.
“It’s almost a year, since D was in Europe last time. How many of you were here, when they did their last concert?” the man asked and the most of audience raised our hands for answer.
“Oh, so many. Good”, he continued.
“Last time you had that sign happening, but you and D haven’t time to talk because of the schedule. This time D wanted to become closer to you and decided that they will organize Questions and Answers event just before every concert.”
Then he needed to stop for a moment, because excited Finnish audience started to cheer and clap our hands.
“So, this will go like this that you’ll raise your hand and I’ll bring this microphone to you. You can ask your question in Finnish or English, we have two interpreters, who will translate all questions and answers. So, are you ready?”
And we were more than ready XD

We started clap our hands and cheer, and our cheers such got more louder, when all D’s members walked to the stage. Hide-zou, Tsunehito, Asagi, Ruiza and Hiroki greeted us with great smiles and waved their hands. Hiroki fired us little bit to cheer more, before they sat down on the chairs (left to the right was same than I said above).
“Okay, then the first question”, the presenter said and choose one girl, who was my friend Destiny, to ask first question.
“Is is possible that you could play Eden in this concert? It’s so great song and we all really like to sing it with you.”
Japanese woman, who had microphone too, translated the question/request and the presenter gave third microphone to the Asagi.
“Are you sure that you can sing it? Do you know the lyrics?” Asagi asked and the audience yelled/screamed very loudly “はい!” (hai/yes), which made Ruiza laugh little bit.
“Okay”, Asagi said and glanced quickly other members, before he continued:
“Then we will play Eden to you!”
The audience started the clap and cheer even more than before and I saw, how so many seemed to relieved. I knew, how much we wanted to hear Eden, because many of us had trained the song - we did it last year, because we thought that D would perform it, but that didn’t happen. So, those who where in Hamburg, we didn’t ask Eden, because you asked. We did it, because we really wanted to hear Eden.

Next question was very traditional: “What were your thoughts about Finland?”
Asagi gave the microphone to Tsunehito, who gave it to Hide-zou.
“Finland was last country in your last tour”, Hide-zou told.
“Last time Fans were great and that’s why I’m waiting very good concert this time too.”
And right after the every answer, when the members gave microphone to each other, the audience naturally cheered loudly.
“Finnish fans were so lovely and lively”, Tsunehito said with smile and I have to say that I smirked, when he used the word “元気”(genki), which means lively and healthy.
“I love Finland, so I wish even better concert than last time”, Asagi told and when we cheered, and he said one more thing:
“And I love moomins.”
“I like many Finnish musicians”, Ruiza told us and as expected said that he wait even better concert too.
“I really love Finland and I liked last concert too. I hope that we can make even better concert this time”, Hiroki said and waited that we had cheered enough.
“And I liked the breakfast”, the drummer continued with cute grin and make us laugh.

Third question, or should I say request, was interesting.
“Hide-zouさん, you were singer in your older band As’REAL. Could you please sing something?”
Next moments were great XD Hiroki stood up and walk to the Hide-zou with serious face, but he didn’t just give the microphone to the guitarist. Hiroki kneeled down like knight ( or man, who’s going to ask marriage X) ), before he handed the microphone. The audience started to cheer for joy and laugh, and I couldn’t help but laugh, when I watched Hide-zou’s face. Hide-zou’s eyes expanded and he glanced the other direction, when other members laughed and watched him. Then Hide-zou glared Hiroki, but couldn’t help but smile, when he took the microphone. Hiroki just smirked, when he walked back to his chair and the audience clapped loudly hands together.
Hide-zou seemed to wonder, what he should sing. Then he sang little bit something in Japanese, but I didn’t recognize, was the song from D or As’REAL or did he just made it up. Still, he sang in the end “Rakastan Suomi/Suomea!” (I love Finland).

Forth question was about their clothes, how they plans their outfits.
“We have some ideas in our minds and then we discuss about them with stylist”, Asagi told shortly.

“How did Asagiさま get his divine voice?”, was the fifth question.
I’m not sure, was there some problems to translate question or was it little bit hard to say in Japanese, because the woman said something in Japanese, but Asagi didn’t seem to understand. Then the woman continued and she said “かみ”, which means god and Asagi busted out with high, surprised voice “かみ?”
“There were two parts”, Asagi started to explain after he understood, what was the question.
“First I said to myself to start singing and then I took singing lessons. And when I was little, I used to sing at the sea.”

Sixth fan, who was lucky, asked all members to say “nyah”. Asagi gave microphone to the Hide-zou, who take deep breath and yelled “nyah” like rock star *laugh* Tsunehito did little bit more, because he yelled his “nyah” very loud and low, like metal heavy band members - it’s always funny, how low voice cute men sometimes have. Asagi roared something weird, but then Ruiza said something with laugh and Asagi said his “nyah” again. This time Asagi took his hand cat likely and meowed softly. Ruiza’s “nyah” was so damn sexy that I could even pay, if he could say it again! When it was Hiroki’s time, Hiroki just let out little, very cute squeak and I couldn’t help but laugh. He was same time so funny and cute that my friend, who really likes Hiroki, almost melt *laugh*

Next fan, our seventh, asked: “Which song, from your own production, is your favorite one?”
Because Hiroki had microphone, this time he started answering.
“It’s very hard to choose”, Hiroki told us.
“But if I really have to choose, then it’s Sleeper, because it was the first song I played.”
“I like all of them, but I have to say Guardian”, Ruiza answered little bit quicker than the drummer.
“I really can’t choose”, Asagi cried and we almost thought that he wouldn’t say anything else, but then Asagi mumbled very long time “Hmmmmmmmmmm…” before answer:
“闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア (Yami yori kurai doukoku no acappella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria)” and this Asagi said so fast that I could help but wonder, was he teasing us because of very long name (which I complained).
“I like all our songs, but I have to choose 太陽を葬(おく)る日 (Taiyou wo okuru hi), because it was his first music video, where I was after the joining to D”, Tsunehito explained and I think that answer was cute and natural.
“I love all song, but I have to say Eden”, Hide-zou said shortly.

Eight question was unfortunately the last question and I think it was the most interesting, because it was more different than others: “What do you do, if you can’t sleep?”
This time Asagi got the microphone.
“I hold and pet my cat”, Asagi said softly and made the audience say “aws”.
“I just don’t sleep”, was Hide-zou’s simple answer and well, that’s probably true *grin*
“Hmm…” Tsunehito mumbled.
“I guess I just turn on the bed.”
“I read or play my guitar”, Ruiza answered and I hope for neighbors sake that he plays acoustic guitar *laugh*
“I just fake that I sleep and in the end I fall in the sleep”, Hiroki told us and we laughed.

After the last question, the band stood up for the picture. The presenter asked us to turn around and watch the camera, which was on the second floor. The manager took the photo and after that, D left from the stage and interpreters took chairs with them that there were only instruments and other stuff, which D needed, on the stage.

Picture of D with the Finnish audience.

It took some time and the audience started clap our hands and yell “D”. I was pretty surprise, how long we could keep the same rhythm, because normally Finnish audience applause some time and then start the cheer.
Finally the show started with the intro. We took the same rhythm to our applause, but when Hiroki walked to the stage, he started just cheer. He walked to the middle of the stage and greeted us, before he went behind his drum set. Tsunehito came next and greeted us as well as the drummer, but when Tsunehito took his place close the drums, he started clap his hands and helped us to find quickly the right rhythm. Hide-zou walked to the stage, greeted us and went to his place, on the left side and checked equipments. Ruiza came the stage like real rock star with open arms. The last but no a least was Asagi, who made the audience go wild and our excitement just rose.

The first song was Der könig der Dunkelheit, which was very strong, energetic song in dark way and immediately made us go for gig mood *laugh* I couldn’t help, but wave my fist, sing with lyrics and move on my place. I was so happy and D seemed to be happy too. Asagi’s “dance” in the first song was interesting and not funny, like my friend, who was on the second floor in the last concerts, said. Der könig der Dunkelheit was good opener and In the name of Justice was great song to continue atmosphere. This time I noticed that I could hear better Asagi’s voice, which was great, because last time Asagi’s microphone didn’t make his voice enough loud. D paid attention to the audience, but not only those, who were on the first floor but on the second floor too - even so they did it mostly with eye contact.

After the third song, 皇帝(ファンディー)~闇に生まれた報い~ (Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~), Asagi spoke to the audience.
“Hello! We are D!” the vocalist yelled and made us cheer.
“On the drums, there is Hiroki”, Asagi introduced the drummer and pointed Hiroki.
Hiroki hit the drums and stood up and, naturally, we cheered. Hiroki smiled and waved his hand, he moved little bit his fingers and asked more noise and he got what he wanted.
“On the bass, there is Tsunehito!” Asagi yelled and waved his hand towards the bassist.
Tsunehito bend closer to his microphone and yelled something, which I didn’t hear clearly. He raised his fist and acted like big rock stars.
“On this side guitar, Hide-zou!” the vocalist watched the guitarist.
Hide-zou took a couple steps forward and opened his arms, when fans cheered. He turned little bit that everyone could see him and finally pointed quickly everyone on the second floor.
“On this side guitar, there is Ruiza!” Asagi continued introducing and waved his hands toward Ruiza.
Ruiza smiled brightly, when he raised his guitar and played little bit it. It was very nice and good little “solo” playing *laugh* and I was glad that they all did different things and didn’t copy each other.

“And do you know, who I am?” Asagi asked for us and of course we yelled his name.
Hiroki hit couple times drums and Asagi yelled again “who I am” and we answered again. That happened a couple times.
“And I’m the vocalist, Asagi!” our dear singer yelled finally and we applaused more than before.
“We have come back to Finland! Our next song will be 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア (Yami yori kurai doukoku no acappella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria)!”
That song is one of Finnish audience’s favorite songs and everyone could see and hear it, because we sang very loudly those English parts, which Hide-zou, Tsunehito and Ruiza always shouts. It’s also one of my favorite songs, because Asagi’s singing is very different: he roars, almost speaks, sings very high and very low etc. That’s the song, where people can hear, how talented singer Asagi really is. Even I noticed it, when my friend made me listen it at the first time.

Fifth and sixth songs were 花惑 (Hana Madoi - I really love that “hand dancing” and Asagi’s whip - and this time it was long! It was longer than last one, which very shorter than I have used!) and Sleeper (which is one on the famous song from D here in Europe and Finland). After Sleeper, Asagi, Ruiza, Hide-zou and Tsunehito left from the stage and Tsunehito waved to us, before they went to the backstage. Hiroki stayed in middle of his drum sets, opened his jacket and started play his drum solo. First I thought it would be same than last time, 太古の牙 (Taiko no kiba), but it wasn’t. First part of drum solo was cut in the little peaces, like we could better join to him, but other part was a whole. Hiroki’s playing was very good, no wonder that he is my favorite drummer, and his drum solos are always very interesting and energetic. My friend, who likes Hiroki very much, was more than satisfied.

After the drum solo, Tsunehito, Hide-zou and Ruiza walked to the stage and four of them played together some times, before Asagi came. They performed Desert Warrior, which is excellent song for concerts, and after that Asagi spoke us again.
“Next song will be Night-Ship ‘D’, so please, those who have flags, take them and those, who don’t have them, just use your beautiful hands”, the vocalist asked us and I took my flags to my hands, like many others.
Then Asagi explained/asked us to sing words “Stout mind! Honest mind! Fair mind”, when he sings “Nothing is impossible, when you lose your fear of Death“, but because Finnish audience don’t know, when to shut up (sorry), it was hard to hear and understand. Even I can be wrong this time, because I didn’t hear that well. In the end, Night-Ship ‘D’, went well and there were enough space for everyone on the second floor, even so I can’t say same on the first floor, but I was pretty proud of Finnish fans for flag dance. Of course Asagi showed it again, but I think we did great job^^

Night-Ship ‘D’ was followed by 闇の国のアリス (Yami no kuni no Alice) and Dying Message. I have always liked の国のアリス , like many others songs. Dying Message, in other hands… Well… IT WAS AWESOME IN LIVE! Sorry, too much glue steam/vapor. When I heard Dying Message first time, it didn’t impress me at all. It was nice, and I like it, but it was only okay and not as special as, for example, Der könig der Dunkelheit. Dying Message worked well in the concert and made me like it more than before, so I’m glad that D played it.

Then came very beautiful song and moment. Asagi took microphone’s holder and then D performed 鳥籠御殿 ~L’Oiseau bleu~ (Torikago gotten ~L’Oiseau bleu~). The song is very beautiful, again one of my favorites, as people can see in my song ranking. The music and singing were tender, touchy. It was the only slow, ballad song in the concert, but maybe that’s why it was so strong. Near the songs end I noticed that there were a couple of tears on my cheeks. I’m somehow glad that D didn’t perform 久遠 (Kuon), because then I would cry aloud and same goes with others in audience: I saw many touched fans and I hope that D saw it too, and was glad about it.

After 鳥籠御殿 , D decided to change sounds more heavier, because next songs were 7th Rose and Guardian. 7th Rose changed the audience mood immediately and everyone were ready to rock, so Guardian was after that very natural choice. It was nice, when they played Guardian little bit longer and Asagi walked on the stage and let Ruiza, Tsunehito (twice) and Hide-zou to speak/yell something to the audience, but they spoke Japanese and because of music, it was too hard to try understand. Still, it was pity that Asagi didn’t go to Hiroki and let him say something too, but I think it was timing problem.

When Guardian was played, D left from the stage. The audience started clap hands and scream for encore. It took more time than I thought, but finally the band came back. They played Eden and I could see that D was little bit curious, could we really sing the song. I have to say that their faces were worth of seeing X) When our singing part came, a whole audience started singing very loud. Tsunehito watched us and he looked same time surprised and very pleased, when he nodded his head - he looked like a cat, who just had cream. He was so cute and happy. Hide-zou smiled and seemed to be very glad, just like Hiroki and Ruiza, who looked surprised too. Asagi looked touched, very touched, when he hold microphone and watched everyone in the hall. When I saw members faces, I was and I still am so proud of us Finnish fans. We did great job! Everyone, who knew lyrics and sang, thank you! You made me and D very happy^^

Eden ended with great cheers and D left again from the stage - Hide-zou, Ruiza and Tsunehito threw couple plectrums. I almost thought that it was the last song, but it didn’t seem right. I had feeling that the concert couldn’t end like this and luckily I was right. It took some time and the audience had to yell for encore long time, before the band walked back to the stage and performed the evening’s last song: Day by Day, which was excellent way to end the show, when the audience singed with Asagi.

Members of D came closer the audience, let people touch their hands and hugged some of them. They waved us and stayed pretty long on the stage. D said warmly goodbye to us and left finally from the stage. I went to the first floor to say hi to some of my friends and give them shoulders to cry. I didn’t expect that I would cry, but that really happened. My friend Destiny, who I mentioned before, came to me with a big smile, she grab my hand and put something there. Can you guess, what it was? It was Hide-zou’s plectrum. Destiny got couple of them and she wanted to give it to me, because she knows how important Hide-zou is to me and how much I respect and admire him. Destiny’s action made my so happy and end up to cry. I hope I can some day make her as happy as I am.

Hide-zou’s very beautiful plectrum - both sides. In my eyes, I think there is phoenix in middle of the “clock”.

I dried my tears quickly, because we all had to left from Gloria. I went to sale table again, bought poster and sleeveless tour t-shirt, and I took my jacket before I left with my friends.

Very nice shirt, which I like. It’s size L, but in my eyes it’s more like size S - and I don’t wanna know how small that size S was…

I like this poster, but know I have one big problem. Where am I going to put this and that other one…

I like to say something about members.
Hiroki looked even better than the last time! His smile was so wonderful and playful, when he teased us and tried to make us more excited. Hiroki’s drum playing was amazing and the prove is that I watched him pretty much. Normally I don’t pay that much attention for drummers, because they don’t move and somehow I “forget“ them, but Hiroki is strong exception. Hiroki plays drums with passion, he do it with power, great speed and he never forget the audience. And he is so funny, when he don‘t play his instrument. Somehow Hiroki has talent to make people laugh and relax, like when he bowed in front of Hide-zou. Hiroki is so warm person, he was like that in the last year and he is that in this year too^^

Sometimes I really can’t understand, how Tsunehito can be same time manly and girly. His voice is so low and manly, but actions, especially when he has skirt on him, are so girly. Tsunehito is so cute, when he plays his bass. He kicks his feet that feminine way and took womanly poses, but in the next moment he roars and raise his fist to the air like those metal band’s men *laugh* But in my eyes Tsunehito is so cute, no matter what. He smiled a whole time and paid much attention to the audience - on the first and second floor and was very friendly. Tsunehito wasn’t afraid of the audience at all, he just went near them, let people touch him and hugged his fans. He was so energetic that I couldn’t help, but like him even more than before *-*

Hide-zou… What can I say? I just love him! Hide-zou is so handsome and charismatic. Even so he is sometimes little bit simple, when we watch his answers for questions here and before, it just makes him great person. Maybe the word forthright would be better to describe him. Hide-zou has great voice, good guitar playing skills, elegant stage person and nice nature. That makes him the perfect package with handsome look! I noticed again that Hide-zou don’t want people to touch him, because he kept distance between him and the audience. I was glad, when fans, who were near to him, didn’t try to touch him by force. The fans on Hide-zou’s side respected him. I also noticed that Hide-zou paid much attention to people around him, not only the audience but other members too. He noticed Tsunehito pretty much, same thing with Asagi and Ruiza, and he even went to Hiroki and played pretty long time there and talked with him. It was great joy to watch him *-*

I have to tell you that Ruiza’s smile blinded me. His smile was so big and bright and he smiled a whole time. Ruiza played very well, he performed to audience and didn’t only play his guitar like some musicians. And yes, Ruiza is one of the best guitarist I ever seen, because he don’t just play, he put his soul to the playing. Ruiza really loves his fans, because he went to touch them many times, let them touch his hands, legs and even pat his head. It was easy to see, that he was dancer in his past, because all his movements were smooth and new movement followed immediately the older one. I have to admit that I didn’t watch Ruiza that much, because he was further than others. I still noticed, how friendly he was and he wanted to cheer his fans with all his power.

Asagi. If we watch Asagi in encyclopedia, there would read: “handsome, elegant, gorgeous, awesome man, whose voice is from outside of this word and who have more charisma than many others singers have”. Asagi was amazing this time too and I was so happy, when I could hear his voice this time! Last time microphone didn’t make Asagi’s voice strong enough, but this time I could hear, what he sang and said. Asagi paid much attention to first floor audience, but he also watched the second floor too. However, he could do it more and paid more attention that people could see it easier, but I have to say that his glance is scary and hot at same time. Asagi is so charismatic that I could just watch only him without any problem or sign about getting bored. He is just so great! Asagi is the king of the vampires, who has enchanted me and many others with his look and voice.

I think it’s time to put this live report to its end. As you probably could see, I loved every minute and maybe even more than last time. D is my favorite band and they showed again, why I love them. D is special, charismatic visual kei band, which stood out better than many other bands. This concert was the best and I’m sure D got more fans^^

Set list:

1. Der könig der Dunkelheit
2. In the name of Justice
3. 皇帝(ファンディー)~闇に生まれた報い~ (Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~)
4. 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア (Yami yori kurai doukoku no acappella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria)
5. 花惑 (Hana Madoi)
6. Sleeper
7. Drum solo
8. Desert Warrior
9. Night-Ship ‘D’
10. 闇の国のアリス (Yami no kuni no Alice)
11. Dying Message
12. 鳥籠御殿 ~L’Oiseau bleu~ (Torikago gotten ~L’Oiseau bleu~)
13. 7th Rose
14. Guardian

~Encore 1~
15. Eden

~Encore 2~
16. Day by Day

D’s official site -> http://www.d-gcr.com/
D’s official Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/D.Officialpage
Video about Ultimate lover Global -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=10150958409033832
Video clip from Finland’s concert, Eden -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=10150919202398832&set=vb.203193779728482&type=2&theater

Okay, I end this now. Next live report will be from SCREW, if I don’t go some other gig before it. Maybe I’ll put some other entries too.

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


Surprise! I went to a one little gig before D’s concert and I decided to write about it and tell you, what I thought about it. So, try to deal with it *laugh*

When Karmia informed about their new concert after Plunklock’s gig, I really wanted to go there (even so there were two other bands, which were unknown to me). I promised to keep my eyes on them and the best way to do it, is to go see them. First I wasn’t sure, could I go there, because of my school and work, but this time fortune smiled me and I didn’t have work on that day. Unfortunately I saw that the gig was in middle of my long work/busy time, but that just made me more strong-headed. Even “workaholic” needs to take break for everyday life *laugh*

My friend Serina, who was in Plunklock’s concert too, heard about Karmia’s live and that I was going there, so she decided to come too. The concert place, Nuorisokahvila Clubi (Youth Cafe Clubi), was unknown place to both of us, we decided to meet in center of Helsinki and go together there.
I was little bit excited for Karmia’s concert (okay, I lie, I was very excited). Of course I didn’t wait that Clubi would be anything like Gloria and I knew there were two other bands: Muddy Bones and Sinner’s Gin, but I waited for Karmia. I wanted to see them and hear their music, because somehow they have managed to go over/through my “critic walls” quicker than some other bands - and I’m talking about professional musicians. I had some own favorite songs, which I wanted to hear (IMPRISONED HEART, DECADE, CIGARETTE, ECSTASY ROAD and THE CIRCUS for example), but I didn’t wait the hear all of them. I just wished to hear even some of them.

We arrived with Serina to Clubi. First, I was worried, how to get there, but it was very easy in the end (I don’t live in Helsinki and not even Espoo or Vantaa, I live further). I didn’t know the place, I had read some information about it. Clubi is substance free hangout place to over 15 years old youths. Youths can spend their free time there, but also go there for work-based learning. Still, Clubi isn’t just ordinary cafe, where people comes to drink coffee. There are some events too, like this time band event.
Even so I knew all of that, I was little bit surprised, when we got there. We had to blow the breath analyzer, before porter let us in. I didn’t mind it that they did that, somehow I think it’s great that they are strict about it and I also think it’s better to use breath analyzer than wave some weird light in front on faces like some porters do in some countries.
I think Clubi was homey and it was easy to relax there. I saw pool table, big couches and TV, which was on. Of course there was typical cafe desk and half open “kitchen” and little tables with chairs. For bands’ gigs there was own, dark room with little, everywhere open stage (I guess all events happen there) and big mirrors on one wall.

 Even so the name can be “misleading”, I think Clubi looked nice place and there were details, like those vinyl records.

Serina and I sat down and talked about many things, when we waited to the band event to start. We heard little bit music, when bands did sound checks, and saw, when some boys (yes, it’s hard to me call them men, because I’m probably older than the most of band members) walked past of us. After about 30 minutes, we saw more people go that event room and we heard and we decided to go there too.
We stood in not so big room, but still there was much space to every one. I guess there was about 40-50 persons in an audience, but I’m not sure. Still, I could see, who weren’t there at the first time and there were some girls, who took their place right next to the stage very quickly. It was easy to see that they were there because one or two or all the three bands, but I wasn’t sure for which band they liked the most - or that time I didn’t know. Many, clearly bands’ members, went to the stage and left again, and the audience waited nicely.

Finally there started to happen and first band, Sinner’s Gin, came to the stage. They have four members: a vocalist Joel, a guitarist Lany, a bassist Joey (real name is Joel too) and a drummer Johnny. Their first song was Ain’t goin’ down and it was energetic song. I could say that almost all songs were energetic and rocky. First the band was little bit frozen in my eyes, but then they warmed and started perform to the audience. Because the stage wasn‘t big (it wasn‘t that small either), they didn’t move that much, so all Sinner’s Gin’s members the mostly stayed in their places, even so I hoped little bit more moving. The drummer, of course, couldn’t move, but I would like to see others to do more on the stage.

This is the best photo taken by my phone and it’s not good either. Next time I really have to make sure that I can take my camera with me.

Sinner’s Gin played eight songs and they all went about same line. There weren’t so much difference with songs. In my ears, songs were nice but not special - they just didn’t impress me. Still, even so I just said that Sinner’s Gin wasn’t for me (even so I didn’t dislike them, they were okay), there were couple songs, which stood out more than others and somehow I liked them a little bit. Those songs were Back off, Gimme a break and Baby do ya?. I’m don’t know much music genres and I can’t tell, which bands play exactly what genres, but in my ears they played glam rock and the similar genres.

Joel and Lany after their part - this time I used Serina’s camera.

It was very nice to listen them and their spirit was right to me to make my mood go up. They didn’t that much talk to the audience - the vocalist just told sometimes next songs names, wished that everyone have fun and mentioned, when was the time of the last song. Still, he and the bassist tried the most to make us more excited and clap our hands.

Well, maybe I should say something about the band members.
This time I start with the vocalist, Joel. When I saw him, two different musicians came to my mind very quickly. First one was Hayashi Yoshiki from X Japan in their old times and looks (when Yoshiki had that long hair). The other one was a vocalist of The Darkness, Justin Hawkins and I guess it was pretty much because of his hair and shirt (and Joel, if you accidentally find and read this, I hope you won’t take it as bad comment about you, because I didn‘t mean it that way). I liked Joel’s singing and his voice - the most those times, when Joel sang very quickly or with low voice. And I liked his shirt too! I wanted to stole it, even so it wouldn’t look good on me *laugh*

Lany, the guitarist, was the most quiet one in my opinion. And I don’t mean that he didn’t speak, he actually sang backing vocals with Joey. I mean that he didn’t act on the stage as much as Joel and Joey. He looked and smiled to the audience, but then he focused to play all songs and didn’t take much contact to other members or the audience. But I have to say that he had a nice smile. Lany played his guitar very well and It was nice, that he at least even once moved in middle of the stage in his guitar solo. That’s something, which I would like to see more.

The bassist Joey was different than others. To me, it seemed that he warmed the most, when they played their songs. He took very much contact to the audience, sometimes even more than the vocalist and made us clap or wave our hands. Joey really tried to entertain us and I think he did very good job for that. He performed to us and not only play his bass or sang the backing vocals. He did many things on the stage and maybe that’s why he didn’t move as much as I liked. Maybe next time he had more chance to do that.

Johnny, the drummer. Why it always happens that I just don’t watch drummers as much as others!? Not even then, when I tell myself that “now, focus more to the drummer”!? Okay, this time it was pretty hard to see Johnny, because I stood in that place, where I couldn’t see drum sets well, because Lany stood in front of them. I tried to see Johnny by using big mirrors, but it didn’t work that well. Johnny’s playing was good and went well with the music. He played without shirt, like Jussi 69 from 69 eyes, and his look and hair was pretty much same. Unfortunately I couldn’t pay more attention to him, which is sad. Maybe in next time.

And because my camera’s battery was empty, I didn’t take it with me. I tried to took some pictures with my phone, but all pictures were horrible. After Sinner’s Gin left, we realized that Serina had camera with her and I could borrow it. It’s pity that we thought it little bit too late.

However, if I think about a whole Sinner’s Gin part, it was okay. I’m maybe too strict and hard, because I have seen many Japanese professional musicians and I know too well, what I want and which things are for my taste. Sinner’s Gin played well and, in the end, all was good, because audience seemed to enjoy the show.

Set list (which I “stole“ after the gig *laugh*):

1. Ain’t goin’ down
2. It’s so easy
3. Back off
4. Plague
5. Motorvating (I’m not sure about that, but that’s read in their set list paper or then I‘m blind)
6. Gimme a break
7. Live wire
8. Baby do ya?

Sinner’s Gin’s Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/sinnersgin
Sinner's Gin's Myspace page -> http://www.myspace.com/sinnersgin
Sinner's Gin's Twitter page -> https://twitter.com/#!/SinnersGin

When Muddy bones made their preparations for their part, Serina and I left from that room to take some photos (like day’s outfit for her blog). We talked little bit red headed woman, who worked in Clubi and she was very nice - and her hair and look were cool!

The hall in the Clubi and Serina^^

It didn’t take long, when we decided to go back to “play room” (yeah, I think it’s okay name to that dark room). This time, because the audience had moved, we take different place and this time I made sure that I could see the drummer little bit easier than before. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long, when Muddy bones’ five members walked to the stage and their fans enjoyed about it. Their vocalist is Pete Waters (again, nor real name, they use artist names), the lead guitarist is Mr. Jones and he sang backing vocals too. Wilde is their rhythm guitarist, the bassist name is Dave and the drummer is Joe.

If I wished Sinner’s Gin to move more, I didn’t have to wish the same thing with Muddy bones. Almost immediately, when first song, Whiskey, started, they moved immediately - especially the lead guitarist, who jumped, kicked the air, rocked his body while he was playing and of course, paid attention to the audience and to the other members. Pete and Wilde moved too, but Dave stood still, but warmed with the songs and started move more.

Muddy bones in middle of the show.

They reminded Hanoi rocks in my eyes with their looks and songs (even so I don‘t listen Hanoi Rocks). To me, it was interesting thing, when song Things I do started and Pete took his harmonica and played it. That was very nice detail and good idea to make song different. State I’m in sounded like some Western films theme songs *laugh* Western and cowboys with horses came to my mind at that time.

Pete talked couple of times: he said a few jokes and mentioned something the songs, like “next song is kind beautiful - or so I think, I don’t know about you guys” and then someone from the audience yelled that she think so too. Sometimes Jones talked too and he mentioned that (I guess the song was Devil, but I’m not sure - I can be wrong and I probably am) one song tells about mean woman. It was nice that they talked to the audience, even so some jokes were more from the 7th grade, but I smirked little bit.

After the last song, Johnny, the most of Muddy bones’ members were leaving from the stage, but then Jones said loudly (I think he was joking) “encore” and more than four girls started immediately yell “encore”, which looked to surprise the lead guitarist and other members. They decided to play one more song and asked for the audience, did we want to hear cover from Hanoi Rocks or from some other band, whose name I didn’t hear clearly. Very quickly, I think that surprised Pete and others too, their fans answered for Hanoi Rocks. “Funny, normally people start fight about it”, Jones laughed and then they played the cover song and it was end of their part in this evening.

Okay, now something about Muddy bones.
Pete’s voice was nice and fitted well with their music, but I paid more attention to his harmonica, which he played a couple times. He looks was pretty much same than Hanoi Rocks members (probably because Hanoi Rocks seems to been their role model), but I think there were something “own“ too. Even so I’m not Hanoi Rocks fan, I think to look and clothes looked good on him.

Mr. Jones was a very interesting stage person. He was over enjoying a whole time, when he was on the stage and he paid attention to the audience more than others. And as I said before, Indiana moved the most - and the truth is that I was afraid that he will jump to the audience, but luckily he didn’t. I don’t think that there were enough people to hold him *laugh* He played well his guitar and because I don’t know that much about music, it’s can‘t say much more.

It’s little bit hard to me to say much about Wilde, because I stood on the Indiana’s side and Pete was pretty much in front of him. I think Wilde played well and his guitar was interesting, but he had some little problems, because his guitar’s belt pulled away. I think he should move little bit more away his place on the left side, even so he moved much. Wilde had cute face and look was very good in my eyes.

The bassist, Dave, was quiet and seemed very serious to me. He stayed in back, near to the drummer, like tried to be just behind Wilde and Pete. Dave warmed up slowly, but near to the end he got excited and started move more. I guess he was little bit nervous, even so there weren’t that much audience (well, I’m not sure, how many there is normally, but I have been in bigger concerts, so that’s why I call it small).

This time I paid little bit more attention to the drummer, even so I couldn‘t clearly see him a whole time. Joe played well, even so he needed to take a couple breaks and drink water, when others were ready to continue. He played passionately and that probably tired him pretty quickly. I think his looks was the more different that others, it was like he was from other band, if we compare him to his band mates - and that was only mention, nothing more or less.

It was very nice to watch, how the band enjoyed for being on the stage. I think they had fun - they wouldn’t have acted like children in toy or candy store, if they hadn‘t had fun. They were excited and their feelings came across to the audience. In musically, I think Muddy bones were in same genre as Sinner’s Gin, and that tells, what I think about their music. It was nice and interesting but not for me - I think I enjoyed more their stage charisma than music. The songs were okay, but I this time they didn’t turn me to their fan.

Set list (and I “stole“ this paper too, but I looked couple songs real names and made a one change):

1. Whiskey
2. Things I do
3. Jumping
4. State I’m in
5. Shootin’ gun
6. Devil
7. Outlaws
8. Johnny

- encore -

9. Hanoi Rocks cover

Muddy bones’ Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/muddybones

After Muddy bones left, there was only one band anymore - the one I waited the most: Karmia. Unfortunately, while they organized the stage and worked their sound, many persons in the audience left and I think it was kind sad - but it was their lost, not mine. I even got closer the stage that I could see everything! Still, I was happy that there were some persons, who stayed to the end.
I waited nicely in the play room with Serina, and we talked little bit, but I mostly watched the stage and how Karmia’s members prepared for their part. I felt something warm, when I looked, how they worked together and kindly teased each other. Even so their look is very dark, they seemed to be like boys next door and that’s something, which made me smile and feel comfortable.

When everything was ready, the members took their places: Hypo sat down in middle of drum set, Doku took his bass, KiBa and Ana moved on their sides with their guitars and Sharan stayed in the middle. “Hello, we are Karmia and our first song is Origin”, the vocalist told us, before heavy sounds started. I decided to take some photos quickly, that I could just enjoy to show without worrying about using weird camera (yes, I never have used it before) - but I took some pictures even later, when I saw good opportunity. After the first song, Sharan spoke again and told the next is from their latest release. ENIGMA is good song, and I like it, but I think I like more SAYÔNARA, because it’s very different than other songs.
Third song made me smile very silly, stupid way that I hope no one saw it *laugh* I really wished DECADE and, even so I was a kind sure that Karmia would play it, I was glad that one at least one song, which was on my wish list, was played. I have to admit that I even sang with Sharan, but luckily not very loud XD

Almost all members of Karmia (Hypo was hiding XD).

ECSTASY ROAD made me and Serina to watch each other, because it’s one of our both favorite songs! It’s full of energy, catchy lyrics and cool playing. I believe that audience got excited at least with this song.
I could talk about every song, but that would be boring, so I go on and only mention, that I was very glad to hear CIGARETTE again^^ Thank you, Karmia!

I think this time Karmia moved more on the stage. I would like to say that they had gotten better, but I’m not sure, do I think so, because I saw them closer. Maybe they were better, maybe not, but they didn’t take back steps and that’s good. And because I was closer than before, I had better chance to pay attention, what happens on the stage. Karmia’s members paid more attention to each other. They talked something, when they played, watched each other and had fun together. Sharan even told every songs’ name before singing them.

After CIGARETTE, Karmia decided for some reason to skip next song. Later I found out the song was THE CIRCUS… What’s wrong with that song!? Sorry, I just like that song and it has inspired me to design couple make-ups and costumes, so it would be great to hear that in live. Still, I’m happy that it wasn’t IMPRISONED HEART
However, it was pretty funny, when no one informed Hypo for changes. Hypo started play 6th song, but others didn’t join him. Sharan, Ana, KiBa and Doku turned to watch him, which made Hypo to stop playing and ask: “What?”. “We decided not to play that song,” Sharan said to the drummer. “Not to play? Nice that you told me too,” Hypo complained, but he wasn’t angry. He just started to play other song and others joined him. That was just one example, what good way funny/nice things happened on the stage.

Karmia played two songs, before the ending and I enjoyed every minute of Karmia’s part^^

And I could say something about members, even so I have already done it in earlier entry.
Sharan has proved. This time he performed more to the audience and paid attention to us. Some of Sharan movements were familiar from Plunklock’s concert, but it didn’t bother me. His singing was soft in manly way and even so I’m not big fan of screaming/yelling, it didn’t sound horrible either - but I like more singing. Sharan paid much attention to his band mates, which was great - it was kind a cute, when he pa Doku’s head after Doku accidentally hit him with bass (of course he little bit teased Doku first *laugh*). Oh, and I was very close that I didn’t go to him (after the show) and ask, could I take a photo of the his eye makeup! It was very interesting^^

This time, again, Ana looked like Takumi from Nana series and I almost stood in front of him. So, it wasn’t only distance, which made me feel that way before. However, when I looked him close, I couldn’t help for thinking about Sugizo (from Luna Sea, S.K.I.N. and X Japan). I don’t know, if it’s good or bad thing that Takumi and Sugizo come to my mind, when I watch Ana. Still, to me, he is Ana Karmia^^ It was very interesting to watch, how he played his guitar and he is very talented. I don’t so often got the chance to look how the guitarist play their instruments (D is exception because of their concert and live DVDs). Same time I noticed, how much he paid attention to the audience by his eyes.

I didn’t recognize KiBa at first, because he had died his hair. I waited the red-head, but the brunette walked to the stage. Even so I waited red hair, he didn’t look bad. Little bit “darker” colors suit him well, so I wasn’t shock for the change. If KiBa had been blond, I would have gotten heart attack *laugh* That would have been too radical change so quickly. KiBa stood mostly on the left side of the stage, which why I didn’t see him that much. This time he still moved little bit more so I looked him more often than before. KiBa focused much to his playing, but I still wait the time, when I see him move even more on the stage.

Doku, Karmia’s little dynamite, wasn’t disappointment and I wasn’t afraid of that. He was just like that energetic, charismatic, full of personality bassist, who I saw in Plunklock’s concert. It was so much fun to watch closely, when he moved on the stage, performed to the audience and paid attention to other members. It was even cute, when he accidentally hit Sharan with his bass and how his eyes almost drop out off his head. Even so Doku hided his face under a scarf, it was easy to see his face expressions. And what comes to playing? It sounded good and this time I heard the bass little bit, which is always great, because I like bass - so, I won‘t say no to the bass solo^^

Hypo stood out pretty well, and by that I mean that I watched him more than I normally do, when it comes to the drummers. Maybe I looked him more for purpose or then set-ups and how other members moved/stood just made it easier. Hypo had pretty much power to play drums and he didn’t play them nicely like in the church. He played drums like the drummer in rock/heavy band should play *laugh* However, I’m still waiting that drum solo - it would have been nice, if Hypo had played little bit on his own, when they didn’t play THE CIRCUS.

I had great time in Karmia’s part and I think my evening was successful, thanks to them^^ Although they didn’t play all planned songs, I had fun and I enjoyed those songs, which I heard. I was really happy that Karmia played DECADE, ECSTASY ROAD and CIGARETTE, which I wished to hear. Their outfits were very nice too and it’s good that they have thought their look more than five seconds. I even wanted some clothes to myself *grin*
Because I think the band made very good job, I will try to come their next concert too (if I get free for works) and maybe I’ll try to bring couple my friends with me too, when they move back to the south^^ Maybe then they could play IMPRISONED HEART and maybe Hypo could play drum solo *laugh* Yes, I know too well, what I want, but it’s of course up to them.

Set list (red-headed girl, who is close to Karmia, gave me the paper and I was ready to cry for happiness: it was written by computer!):

6. THE CIRCUS (was on the list, but wasn’t played as I told you before)

Karmia’s Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/#!/k4rmia
Karmia’s Myspace page -> http://www.myspace.com/k4rmia

Set lists, which I got one way or another *laugh*

After the last song, Karmia’s members started to pack up their stuff and I wasn’t sure, should we leave or do what. Then Serina wondered aloud, would Doku mind to take photo with her and I was like “let’s go to ask” and I just went to him to ask. Doku was kind surprised, but he said yes and asked, could we wait that he pack their stuff first. We talked little bit, about his bass mostly, and Doku seemed very nice^^ They all seemed to be nice persons that it would be more than great to do interview about them face to face or by email messages.

And Serina had her photo with Doku - and don’t worry, I didn’t let her kidnap him XD

When Serina’s and Doku’s photo was taken (I didn’t ask to take photo with them, because I don’t think that I deserve it - I have done nothing special for the band), we stayed for a while and I talked to a couple persons, before we left to the train. We both had nice evening and we decided to go to the next concert, if we just can. And we talked about the ways that we could get more people to come there. Let’s hope that next time there will be more the audience^^

I know I shouldn’t compare to three different bands, but I still doing it. Which band was more for my taste? Definitely Karmia and not only because I went to Clubi for them. If we watch my overloaded CD tower and that j-rock part and even westerner part, it’s easy to understand, why I liked Karmia the most. Karmia’s music is more similar - there are same genres and style, which are close to my heart. Sinner’s Gin and Muddy bones did good job too, they have many good things, which I mentioned and they had though their outfits and looks too, but this time they didn’t impress me and I think it’s because of they play the music, which I don’t listen much.
However, I had more than great time on that Friday^^

And here comes to last thing, which I like to say. All those, who read this and weren’t in Clubi: please, come to the concerts. No matter do you like more Karmia, Sinner’s Gin, Muddy bones or some other little band, just come.
I know that the distance, money and time are sometimes big problems, but if you had a little chance to come, then come. This Clubi’s gig was free and it was easy to get there (and it's the nice place). I can guarantee that it’s worth of it: you learn about new bands, you have great time, that’s something unusual to everyday life and, of course, music is good. It’s makes the bands happy that there will be more people, even so you wouldn’t be their “biggest fans“. Coming there gives them good experience, which is always important.

Okay, I end this entry now and my next live report will be about D’s second concert in Finland and I can’t wait to see them again!

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^

PLUNKLOCK @ Helsinki, Gloria 7.3.2012

“PLUNKLOCK will have European tour and comes to Finland in March” was told in JaME Finland.
Plunklock? What the band is that? I have never heard of it. Even JaME Suomi didn’t know in December (but know there is some information). The little indie band, which was formed in February 2011, was coming to Finland and truth is, I really didn’t care. I already listened many bands and waited them to come here.

Well, life always have its own plans. The tickets of Plunklock’s concert were low-priced, only 14 € and on the door 16 €, when some j-rock concert tickets cost about 30 €. That fact made me to consider about going to the gig, but I still wasn’t sure, what to do. About two weeks before the concert, I was bored with my life, because nothing really happened. I decided to go to watch Plunklock and I listened some of their songs in youtube, before going so I knew little bit, what kind of music they play. I also heard that Plunklock was going to organize autograph session.
I went to the Gloria right after my work-based learning and my father gave me a drive almost at the doors. There were still little queue, even so the doors opened at 6 p.m. (show started at 7 p.m.) and I saw some of my friends there. My plan was to go to say hi to them and then go to the end of the queue. My friends didn’t think so and they tugged my with them to inside, when a man from Gloria’s staff came to let us to go inside. I didn’t like to go before others, who had waited in queue longer than me, but no one came to yell me about it. I guess all those people had come there to have fun - just like me.

Here’s the picture of my friends tickets, because ticket machine didn’t work, when I bought my ticket.

Before I left my jackets and bags to cloakroom, I went to watch sale table. They sold the last CDs at that moment. There were still some photosets and T-shirts, but I knew that there were couple of type CDs, Polaroid photos, towel (or something like that) and some other stuff. I was pretty glad that all CDs were sold out, it’s always good to the band^^

I bought photo set there, because of that autograph session.

I went to the loft/second floor/K-18 area with my friends and we took places, where we could easily see everything on the stage. I looked around in the hall and there were more people than I expected to be. I guess that there were little bit more than 200 person. I talked with my friends about, how they are, how their school goes and - of course - about the concert. My friends told me that there were opener band named Karmia.

Karmia is Finnish Visual Styled metal band, which was formed in 2010, and has five members (left to the right): Doku (bassist), Ana (lead guitarist), Sharan (vocalist), KiBa (guitarist) and Hypo (drummer).

We sat and talked, but then something happened on the stage and we went closer - and I decided to give mercy to my ears and I put ear plugs to my head. Intro started and drummer, Hypo walked to the drum set. He waved his hand quickly to audience before sat down. Next came Doku, the bassist, who had hided his face under a scarf. Then came both guitarists, KiBa and Ana and naturally the last but not least: vocalist Sharan.

Karmia started first song, ORIGIN, strongly, with fast tempo, but there were almost immediately technical problems, because KiBa needed to check wires and there were that horrible, high-pitched noise again, but it wasn’t their fault. Audio just isn’t the best in Gloria.
The song changed to other and after a couple songs Sharan spoke to the audience - he did it couple times and I have to say, that he was funny. I couldn’t help that laugh little bit, when he said (in Finnish): “We are Karmia and we’re here to entertain and boring you”. Their sounds were heavy, but not too heavy in good way and I liked their sound, even so I didn’t hear that well thanks to ear plugs and audio. Karmia played even their new song, which haven’t been even recorded yet. The song name was CIGARETTE and I liked it very much. I think it was the best song from them with DECADE - at least, when I listened their music first time. Mostly Karmia’s music have heavy, rocky sound and they have fast tempo, but there were some little bit slower songs too.

Karmia played little bit over thirty minutes and finally left from the stage - and I think they got some new fans. I think it’s great idea to use some little Finnish bands as a opener in j-rock concerts and that should do more often. New bands would get more good experience and fans - people, like me, would get to know more potential, different musicians than those, whose music we hear every day on the radio.

Let’s talk about members and start with Hypo. He was traditional drummer, nothing too special for look, even so he reminded me little bit D’espairsRay’s Tsukasa, maybe because of his hair and clothes. He was pretty good, strong player and it would be nice to hear some drum solo from Hypo. Then I could say more about his skills. I noticed that he paid more attention to the audience than some other drummers I have seen and it‘s always very good thing.

Doku *laugh* I have to say that he was very charming and gave good impression to me and my friends. He moved and performed the most of all members. He moved on the stage, took good contact to the audience and paid attention to other members, the mostly to Sharan. Doku’s personal was great and he was very cute - especially, when yelled last song’s name after Sharan said the name funny way (or something like that). I think he should be careful, when he walks outdoors - one of my friends wanted to kidnap him *evil grin*

KiBa played in left side (in my and the audience’s eyes) and he mostly stayed there. He didn’t move from his side and he stood still, when he played. Maybe I’m too used that musicians jump, move and have fun on the stage, so I would wanted him to do same things. That’s why he didn’t seem to take contact to the audience. He might be nervous - I probably would be - and that’s why he focused to play his guitar. Besides, it looks to me, that he had more technical problems than others. Still, he seemed to be skillful guitarist.

When Ana walked to the stage, my first thought was that he looked like Takumi from Nana named manga and anime series (and live-action movies), and that wasn’t only because his face, hair and clothes. His essence and way to play guitar/perform to the audience reminded me from Takumi (even so Takumi was the bassist). He played at the right side and didn’t move from his spot at all. First it looked to me that he just played and didn’t perform much to the audience, but later I understood that he paid attention to the audience and other members, but he didn’t do it like “hey! Do you see, what I’m doing!?”. He warmed up more near to the end and that was good. I liked to see more that^^

Sharan made my jawbone almost to drop. It was so close that I didn’t scream “Hitsugi?!”, when he came on the stage. Nightmare’s Hitsugi wasn’t the only Japanese musician, which came to my mind. Sharan reminded Dir en Grey’s Kyo too. Sharan had strong voice, but I think his microphone could have made his voice louder, because music was little bit too loud (and I didn‘t hear, how soft/gentle his voice is, before I listened their songs on the Myspace page). He performed to the audience, but sometimes seemed to “fall deep to his perform” that he forgot, where he was. Sharan was humoristic too, because he once was saying, that it’s time to next song and waited to drummer to start playing but that didn’t happen. He looked to drummer and saw that Hypo was drinking. Many others wouldn’t have known, what to do, but Sharan just said to the audience “and next song starts right after our drummer has drunk” and made us laugh.

So, that was Karmia’s part and I have to say that I wish they can perform as opener band again (I think I could go to see them even without some j-rock band). I saw lot of potential and I think I going to keep my eye on them *laugh* Yes, I have listened to their music in Myspace and I really like it^^

Set list:


Here are the links to…
Karmia’s official website: http://karmia.asia/
Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/k4rmia
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/k4rmia
And twitter page: http://twitter.com/k4rmia

And even so I don’t believe that Ana will read this, I like to thank him. I asked if I could have their set list and use their photos in this entry. Ana answered to me sooner than I expected and was very nice. Thank you, Ana, you are very sweet^^
( And please, put CIGARETTE to Myspace soon! I want to hear it clearly! X) )

After Karmia left, the lights went out. The stage was dark, but still it was easy to see, how people moved there. Some of Karmia’s members came back to pick their stuff. Gloria’s staff went to organize things. I saw there at least Plunklock’s vocalist and bassist (thanks to their hairs~) and they wore thick winter coats - that’s one way to try masquerade *laugh* Expect it’s too easy to recognize Japanese men from Finnish men.
It took some time, before there was only instruments.

Finally, Plunklock’s intro started and drummer, Pinky, really jumped to the stage and went behind of his drum set with big grin on his face. Then the bassist, Haruka, walked to the left side of the stage and Kazuki, the guitarist (it’s little bit annoying to me that he has same name than SCREW’s guitarist and he even plays same instrument -.-) followed him right after, but stopped right side of the stage. When Haruka and Kazuki took the bass and the guitar, the vocalist Halo (Haro/Hello as well I guess) walked in middle of the stage to greet the audience, who started scream. Plunklock started the show with very high energetic song Breakout, which had strength and fast tempo. The vocalist tried to make the audience go excited and wave their fists. He took contact to us and “danced” little bit, when he moved around with big smile on his face. Halo was very energetic singer. Kazuki seemed to me playful child *laugh*, he jumped, kicked the air and acted like very happy, excited kid. At first Haruka was little bit quiet and didn’t move as much as guitarist or vocalist, but he warmed and in the end seemed to be very happy there and he moved more on the stage and made the audience yell louder. Pinky just was… The craziest drummer I have ever seen XD He made funny faces and grinned all the time he was on the stage! He even started monkey around on his chair that I was afraid that he would fall and hurt himself, but luckily he didn’t fall.

I was pretty shocked, when I saw many cameras in the audience and many people were taking pictures. I was like “Wtf?! That’s rude! How they can do that? Why don’t someone do something?” but I heard that there were information about photos in facebook, and people had permission to take photos (I‘m not big fan of facebook even so I‘m there too). Now, when I think about it, I don’t believe I would have taken photos, even if I had known about permission. I just don’t want disturb bands and use my time taking photos, when I can only enjoy the concerts.

First Plunklock seemed only notice the audience on the floor, but then Halo realized people on the loft and started waving his hand and took contact to us. Kazuki, Haruka and Pinky started to make same thing later and in the end they all paid lot of attention to second floor - even more than many “bigger” bands, and I was very happy about that. I think some bands should take a clue from Plunklock about that.
After three songs, Halo greeted probably the audience and said “Moi!” (Hi), which has come traditional way to Japanese musicians greet people. “We are! We are! Plun!” Halo yelled to his microphone and made little pause. “Klock!” and then they started to play 4th song, which was COUNTDOWN. Halo spoke to the audience couple times and mostly in Japanese, which made understanding pretty hard. Like when he wanted us to yell every band members name, it took little while, before we understood, what he wanted. Still, there were more problems: most of us didn’t know members’ names and Halo didn’t tell us. He only said “on the drums” and then we had to yell that name. In the end the audience just cheered to every member. So more English speaking would have worked better. Only not-Japanese phrases were “Do you understand” (which came in English) and “Minä rakastan teitä” (I love you in Finnish and that he read from the paper and everyone could see it - I think it‘s not that hard to try memorize). And Halo really loved word “moi”, because he repeated it many times in concert - once he said it more than 6 times without saying anything else.

The most of songs were very energetic, “happy” and had fast tempo. People just couldn’t stand still (expect if you were that boring one, who didn’t want to have fun), when Halo and other members made us jump, clap our hands, wave our hands and fists (once we needed wave our hands and clap them together at same time). They made us scream, yell and even sing little bit. Somehow I got bored in middle of the concert, because all songs were too similar. I have to tell that without some MCs and other stuff, I wouldn’t notice, when song changed to other. So I was pretty glad, when there came little bit slower and not so energetic happy song - I could even say ballad and I really liked that song, Koe (声). It was very beautiful and was one of my favorites with ≠.
I noticed that there played different instruments/songs in background, which was pretty good. It made songs sound little bit more different that they wouldn’t have been.
Still, there was one big problem to me with almost all songs. I had a feeling that most of singing parts were played in background. Of course, many artists use their own voice as background in their CDs and concerts, but this time it bothered me too much. It was like Halo tried to sing with the lyrics, but they didn‘t match together. It was really something, which bothered me.

The guitar and the drums had the biggest part (even so I somehow missed that drum solo - if I remember right, it was pretty short and nothing special) in Plunklock’s music with singing. The bass didn’t have that much power or got as much attention as I like. There were couple times, when Haruka had bigger part, but I think those moments should have been more. The bass was too much supporting others, or then I have got used to strong bassist like Tsunehito, Yuuto, Ivy and Reita (even so I have never seen Reita in live).

When I watched Plunklock, I was pretty glad again that I was on the loft. I saw almost everything there and it’s always funny and great to be able to notice many things on the stage. I saw Pinky’s faces, how Kazuki jumped everywhere and how Halo touched fans’ hands. I could even notice, when Haruka sat down right next to the drum set and Koe was started (because he didn’t play at first there), or how Halo lied down in the end of that same song and jumped back to his feet, when next song started. It was nice to be able to see, what the band’s members did there and it was very entertaining. Plunklock really knows, how to perform to the audience.

After the teardrop named song, the vocalist left very quickly from the stage, but others stayed little longer and waved their hands to the audience, before they left too. The audience started clap their hands and yell both “encore” and “we want more”. It take pretty long, before Plunklock came back wearing tour shirts. I have to say that I haven’t seen ever it take that long to change outfits - not even with some visual kei band, which have big, very detailed outfits. I even thought that they wouldn’t come to do encore at all and next would be autograph session. I was glad, when members came back and played more, even so they performed only two songs. Still, it was nice that they played again - as I said before, it was one of my favorite songs.

After encore the band greeted last time the audience and left this time for sure from stage. I and other people from audience went to queue our autographs. I think the audience acted pretty well, because all want so easily. In the end, I was very proud of that audience. I have never seen as good behavior as in this concert. No one didn’t to seem hit each other, people didn’t push others and all touches (to members) were respectful. I would be glad, if people would act like that in other concert.
It took sometime, before Plunklock sat down at the table, but I think the autograph session went smoothly.

Okay, now I stop story and tell, how I saw all members and same time tell, how it was, when I got their autographs. This time the system goes like that order, how I met all members in autograph session.

Haruka - He reminded me about SCREW’s ex-bassist Yuuto. They both have something similar on their faces. Haruka seemed to be very sweet and cute, his appearance was nice and I liked it on the stage and in front of me. It’s sad, that he didn’t have that much time to be in footlight and his bass playing should have been more powerful. First he didn’t move that much, but then he warmed very much and tried to make the audience more excited almost as much as the vocalist.
Haruka was first, who gave me autograph. I thanked him, of course, for the gig and I told him that I had great time. Haruka smiled and thanked, when he wrote his name to the photo. I said that he is cute and then he looked me little bit closer, smiled very cute way, when he thanked me again and we shook hands.

Pinky - I heard his voice, before I was even close that table. He was like a parrot, who didn’t know, when to shut up *laugh* Please, don’t get me wrong! I think he was very cute and I was happy that he tried that much to communicate in Japanese and in English (big plus to him for that!) with his fans. He told his name to everyone and thanked everyone and was exactly that hyper-energetic person than on the stage. Still, I’m glad that I didn’t hear that chattering too much. Pinky seemed to me like very happy person, who grins to everyone and everywhere. He is that Duracell bunny, who jumps all around and is ready to everything.
Well, as I said, he really told everyone his name and thanked with bow even me. I only thanked him, when we shook hands, because I didn’t believe I could “handle” him *laugh*

Kazuki - I felt a whole concert that I was watching little kid on the stage. He was so much like young boys! He jumped all around, kicked the air and was like playful child. He even had that grin, which I have seen, when some boys got some new toys. Kazuki played very well his guitar and it had big part in their music.
Still, Kazuki wasn’t that interesting to me. Not on the stage and not at the table. It’s pretty hard to say anything about him. Yes, he was young and sweet, but he wasn’t that interesting that I would noticed him more. I only thanked him and he did same too, when we shook hands.

Halo - He had nice voice and I liked, how he performed all the time to the audience and not only sang. Somehow his performing was little bit funny too. Normally people wave their fist dawn to up, but sometimes he turned his back to us and waved his fist up to down. Halo stopped his moves more than once, when the song ended, and stood still in that position until the next song started, which was interesting. I think it’s pity that he didn’t speak English almost at all or that he didn’t even try it.
When I stood in front of Halo, I thanked him for concert and right after we shook hands, I say him in Japanese that he should do his best. He smiled and thanked me.

Next I went to hold my friends stuff that her hands would be free, when she got autographs (she was little bit farer from me). When we were ready, I went out, where my dad already waited in a car.

Okay, what do I think about a whole concert? It was nice and I had fun, but Plunklock wasn’t that special or as great as some other bands (like Dio - distraught overlord, when I saw them first time - it was the first touch them back then). Plunklock’s music was just okay and I liked more their energy on the stage than songs they played. There were only couple songs, which I remembered somehow day after the gig, even so I didn’t know names (I needed to do some research for this entry). Sometimes I even wasn’t sure, when to song ended and when other started. The songs worked in the concert, but they were too similar and boring because of that.
Still, I had great time there and not only, because I saw my friends. If Plunklock comes to Finland again, I’m ready to go watch them again too, if tickets’ price isn’t too much. I don’t think I’m ready to pay more then 20 € and even that price is little bit too high. So, we will see, what’s going to happen and will Plunklock ever come back again.

Set list:


1. Breakout
2. Dilemma (ジレンマ)
3. 1/6000000000


5. cathersis
6. Suiren (睡蓮)

-2nd SE-
8. ≠
9. Aiiro Regret (藍色リグレット)
10. 桜花抄


11. Koe (声)
12. タイトル未定

13. teardrop

1. Breakout
2. ≠

Plunklock’s official page: http://www.plunklock.com/
Kazuki’s official facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Kazuki-Plunklock/100002081967363
Haruka’s official facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Haruka-Plunklock/100002107437652
Pinky’s official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pinky.plunklock
You can watch almost a whole Finland’s concert and some other videos (like message video to European fans) in Kanzen Music’s Youtube account -> http://www.youtube.com/user/KanzenMusic/videos

Finally it’s over! This was pretty hard to write, because the band was ”just okay” and not great or horrible. It’s always easier to write, if I liked or hated the gig - when I have stronger opinion. I thought it would be harder to write Karmia’s part, but it was more easier than Plunklock’s (maybe it was because I liked their music more?). Please, remember that this all is only my opinion.
If you have any questions or some entry you wish for, free to ask^^

Next time I will write some other stuff and reports from D’s and SCREW’s concerts^^ I can’t wait to see those two bands again - especially D *-*

I wish you enjoyed this entry^^


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